How the media will spin it if Barr and Durham indict

U.S. attorney John Durham has an exceptional reputation for honesty and being unbiased — but now Democrats and their wholly owned legacy media are singing, "BARR IS TRUMP'S ATTORNEY," so Durham is tainted.  They are already preparing for what they fear and many others are hoping for: arrests and indictments of those who plotted to overthrow Trump with a rigged investigation and fictional "Russian collusion."  This will come, perhaps in the coming months, and lead to a huge fight as Democrats claim that any arrests and indictments are just further obstruction of justice.  That is ridiculous, but Mr. Schiff and company are already pushing that, such as claiming that insisting on one's legal rights is "obstruction." Expect legacy media, the likes of CNN and the Washington Post, to downplay any arrests and continue what they have been doing for the last few years: lying.  Facts are no longer honorable...(Read Full Post)
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