Hillary the Punisher: Ronan Farrow says he was cut dead from Clinton circles after he exposed Weinstein

Apparently, the queen and her moneymen are not to be challenged. Young Ronan Farrow learned that the hard way when he found out he was persona non grata from charmed social circles of Hillary Clinton following his investigation into Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein's long career of sexual harassment and intimidation, an investigation that won him the Pulitzer prize. It culminates a long road of indignities for the young man.  Seems the threats from Weinstein's minions to him were not enough.  Nor was the rejection he encountered from assorted media organizations who refused to run his work until the New Yorker finally picked it up.  Nope, the punishment Farrow endured also extended to House Clinton, which cut him dead. This, to the rest of us, seems like a good thing, given their long history of moral turpitude.  But to young Ronan, it was another sling and arrow, because he was a...(Read Full Post)
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