From drag queen story hour ... to drag queen slave auctions of Christians

Drag queens, the men who dress as sexualized women to outdo them with such irony, are showing some impressive male aggressiveness against the Christians who oppose them.

Breitbart found a rather repulsive spectacle from Spokane, Washington:

A left-wing activist group based in Spokane, Washington, organized a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood featuring drag queens, who held a “slave-style auction” of Christian pastors and activists who protest at Planned Parenthood clinics and Drag Queen Story Hour events.

A group that calls itself on Facebook Spokane United Against Religious Extremism & The Church at Planned Parenthood organized a Halloween event last week at a drag bar that featured drag queens mocking Christians with giant cardboard photos of area pastors and pro-family activists, the Christian Post reported Wednesday.

The drag queens reportedly “auctioned” off the Christian pastors and pro-family activists to the highest bidders to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

The Christians themselves, for better or worse, were pretty confrontational to start with, launching a church in front of Planned Parenthood and declaring it "the gates of Hell."

But with that male competitiveness instinct the drag queens one upped them with the slave auction.

What's striking here is not the confrontation but how well it's served the Christians to get their message out there.

Look at how strong these Christians are in both their faith and in their understanding of their opponents -- here's Anna Bohach of 500 Mom Strong, who was 'auctioned' off by the imitation women:

“Christians are the biggest threat to their agendas,” Bohach told the Christian Post about the left-wing activists. “We are the only ones standing in their way and telling them: ‘No, you will not abort babies; no, you will not exploit vulnerable women; and no, you will not expose our children to sexual deviancy and gender confusion.'”

“Using effigies and a slave auction style fundraiser to raise money for an organization whose existence is based upon the extermination of black Americans is in very poor taste,” Bohach added. “But again, not surprising given drag itself is rooted in the blackface minstrel shows of the last century.”

Here's more from Bohach, who reads them like a book:

It seems that these Drag Queens and their followers cannot help themselves when trying to pretend that their intentions are innocent. They pretend that they just want acceptance when they want domination. They pretend that they just want to read to kids when instead they want to expose them to a sexual fetish. They pretend they are victims when they are the aggressors. They claim they want respect when all they do is mock and dehumanize women and Christians. They are the embodiment of contradiction.

There was some value in this auction stunt all right, but not the way the drag queens thought it might go. They succeeded in getting their opponents' word out, not their own.

Any questions as to why the mainstream press isn't going to cover this? Imagine Bohach's statements getting out in the mainstream media. 

Image credit: San Jose Public Library / Treasure Nguyen, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0


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