Failed state: Cartels parade through Guanajuato, Mexico's safest, prettiest, and most conservative state

Mexico's cartels always find ways to put on some kind of sick clown show to draw attention, and sure enough, they did so again with some sort of victory parade of vehicles through a Mexican town in the state of Guanajuato.  According to the U.K. Daily Star (hat tip: Drudge Report): A convoy of armoured cars reportedly belonging to El Chapo's cartel have been filmed brazenly driving into a Mexican town in a show of strength. The scenes were recorded in Guanajuato in central Mexico as the Sinaloa Cartel were reportedly showing their strength after forming an alliance with a local gang. In the video, filmed by someone inside a parked car, vehicles are seen barreling into the village while armed cartel members stand out of the vehicle's sun rooves. Several more armoured cars follow behind in the convoy, including an all-black armoured van and what is thought to be a silver Audi. Other vehicles including pickup...(Read Full Post)
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