Do These Numbers Tell Us More Than the Polls?

One of the casualties of the Democrats war on free speech is political polls.  Polls have become useless because Republicans no longer feel safe replying to a pollster, even on on-line.  Polls are purposely skewed, often by the blatant expedient of polling more Democrats, as was done in the recent Fox impeachment poll.  So, we are reduced to anecdotal evidence about where public opinion is trending.

We often hear of the culture war victories of America’s new Marxist left, because they fully control our propaganda press.  Are they really winning public opinion, or is that, too, propaganda meant to discourage conservatives and suppress our vote?  Beyond the headlines, things do not look so rosy for the woke left.

Here is some evidence of the elite bias and how out of touch they are with the public, from on-line voting on movies.


Look at the 100 percent to 17 percent disparity between the Critical Class and everyday moviegoers for Netflix’s Knock Down the House, an adoring look at the avowed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Crazy (D-NY). Every single critic who review it adored it. Real people not so much.

How about the 39 percent to 93 percent chasm for Angel has Fallen, the latest chapter in the Fallen franchise featuring Gerard Butler’s Secret Service Agent Mike Banning, which mocks the Russia Collusion Hoax.

Overcomer, another one of those “unexpected” Christian-themed hits at the box office ($32 million and counting), has a gap of 50 percent to 98 percent.

The critics vote to acclaim Netflix’s propaganda piece on Ocasio-Cortez is obviously purely political.  They were willing to throw their professional standards out the window to push the cause.  As John Nolte concludes, there’s a name for what these dishonest critics are doing:  blacklisting.  They are using their power as reviewers to try to ruin the chances of well-made, entertaining movies, in order to keep their conservative values and storylines out of the public square. 

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