Democrats beclown themselves with cows after Nunes gets done with them

House ranking Intelligence Committee member Devin Nunes blew Democrats' impeachment case out of the water yesterday. Democrats had nothing in response to the substance of his takedown.  Nothing.  The less stupid ones made the phony claim that Nunes was repeating Fox News conspiracy theories, a bizarre claim, given that Fox News, with Paul Ryan on its board, has generally slipped into the NeverTrump camp. The more average of Democrats dealt with it in their own particular way: by attacking Nunes personally, through his background as a dairy farmer, a perfect emblem for their rabid hatred for rural America. The far-left Soros-linked Democratic astroturf moneybags site, ActBlue, decided to raise money to pay for cowbells with which to mock Nunes.  Here's a snippet from their site: Oh, how classy.  Just picture it: hundreds of Democrats in their clown-show best, no doubt with some wearing...(Read Full Post)
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