CNN’s Brian Stelter: ‘Hurts us all’ when Fox News personalities comment on impeachment inquiry hearings

For propaganda to work most effectively, contrary voices must be silenced. Tyrants know this very well and have the means to silence those who challenge them. In an outwardly democratic society, propagandists face a tougher challenge. Their task is to encourage disdain strong enough that alternative voices will be ignored by a critical mass of the population.

That’s what is going on in the lament expressed by CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter when he openly disparaged his more successful competitors at Fox News, decrying a purported “echo chamber” at the number one cable news channel.

Grabien screen grab

Here is the transcript and video of the Propagandist’s Lament, via Grabien (notice him whining about Hannity’s ratings, too!):

CABRERA: "But are the facts breaking through and they’re just spinning them? Or are they disregarding the facts altogether?"
STELTER: "I think they’re operating in an alternative universe where the damaging information that comes out during these hearings is discarded and blamed on rogue elements or things like that or what they say is the deep state. It is this echo chamber that is getting stronger and stronger that I think these Fox personalities are inside. Ultimately, it hurts all of us because it makes it impossible to have a debate about the facts, the substance that’s at stake. They’re ignoring the constitutional issues at play, but this has been very effective. I have to say, Hannity’s ratings were very high this week. Not as high as the hearings overall. I think most people did hear something about the testimony, whether they soaked it up through their social media feeds, et cetera. But hannity is 1,000% behind President Trump. So are these other players in the right-wing media universe. They’re showing no signs of being concerned so far."

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