CNN analyst and host agree: Trump and his supporter (and Fox News, too) to blame for death of Elijah Cummings

There appears to be a contest underway between CNN and MSNBC over which can broadcast the most absurd accusations against President Trump and those who support him. Chris Matthews may have equated refusing to allow administration officials to testify to the mass murder of Egyptian slaves entombed with their pharaoh masters – a bizarre comparison, but at least there were a few millennia between alleged crime and the present.

Over at CNN, the accusation was limited to one human life, but the time frame was contemporary. A supporter of the POTUS is responsible for the death of Congressman Elijah Cummings. Bronson Stocking reports at  Townhall on the outrageous charge made by CNN political analyst (and American Urban Radio White House correspondent) April Ryan, one seconded by CNN media critic Brian Stelter, who throws in Fox News as equally culpable.

Ms. Klacik’s reporting on the squalid conditions that have persisted in Baltimore throughout Cummings’s political career drew prominent support from President Trump, which must have put her on the map for murderers in CNNs handbook:




Ms. Klacik also noted that this attack on her came 2 hours after she declared herself a candidate for the seat Cummings vacated:

For the record, the cause of death of Congressman Cummings has been kept secret, with the words "complications concerning longstanding health challenges," used by his office to keep the exact cause of death confidential. One can infer that it is a somewhat embarrassing ailment, but most definitely not death-by-criticism.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab (cropped)

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