Clinton buddy Stephanopoulos the real reason ABC sat on that Epstein story?

Project Veritas broke a scandal a couple of days ago, featuring an unwitting ABC News anchor, Amy Robach, fuming angrily that she had the Jeffrey Epstein scoop three years ago, with solid reporting, and ABC News refused to run it. Unlike Ronan Farrow, who quit NBC News on principle after the network spiked his Harvey Weinstein story and took his scoop to the New Yorker, (winning a richly deserved Pulitzer prize for it), Robach, for whatever reason, stayed on the job and decided to get along to go along, keeping her mouth shut. She's obviously found herself in hot water since the Veritas tape, and has since disavowed the interview, robotically saying her own work didn't meet journalistic 'standards' just like the good public relations people told her. Here's some of the stuff that did, for contrast. Ain't life fun when you're a media puppet? 



The story makes one wonder how many other spiked stories are out there, spiked and kept out of the news by reporters with bosses who don't want them out there. Lots and lots of them out there in places like, say, Ukaine...

Funny how many involve the Clintons and their allies.

Robach, in this interview and beyond, said the spiking was all about keeping in good with the British royal family, one of whose members, Prince Andrew, has been implicated in the Epstein scandal. The brass supposedly wanted some interviews from them.

It sounds like a smokescreen, and fortunately, we have Katie Pavlich to call bee ess. She spoke with Tucker Carlson last night, pointing out the far more likely possibility: George Stephanopoulos, the former Clinton confidant and bagman turned ABC News frontman, was likely behind it, particularly since the revelations came out right about when Hillary Clinton was running for president and the media, including him, was going all out to protect her.

Daily Caller has a good story about it here, and here's the video clip.

Would he do it? Well, recall that in the movie called "The War Room" about the early days of the Clinton campaign, Steph was overheard on the phone threatening a journalist if a story was not killed. He was vicious.

Stephanopoulos has carried water for the Clintons for years, sitting on the Clinton Foundation board, which was House Clinton's de facto route for disguised bribery. He also went to a dinner party for Clinton's revolting buddy, Epstein, right after he got out of jail on a diluted child prostitution rap, something which was like a drunk driver being convicted for spitting on the sidewalk. Stephanopoulos knew, and no, he didn't treat Epstein like a pariah. He partied with him. And he's also a bigshot at ABC News.

That's the part of the Epstein story nobody in the press wants us to think about. The Clintons don't want us to.

There's been a lot of jokes about the Clintons on the right about how the Clintons are probably the ones who did Epstein in in that famous prison "suicide" from earlier this year, given that very few such suicides have ever happened, and a recent medical examiner said that Epstein's death looked far more consistent with homicide.

Pavlich's observation, if true, signals that the Clintons sure as heck did something to keep the story out of the news. Maybe Georgie Porgie should be answering some questions about this. And as for the Clintons, maybe it's not so crazy wonder if they went further than just Stephanopoulos.

Image credit: Project Veritas screen shot, via Twitter





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