Clinton and Trump: Comparing two impeachments

Bill Clinton committed perjury trying to hide the fact that he was a sexual predator.  For that he was impeached.  But the public did not find that sufficient grounds for removal from office.

Purportedly, Donald Trump may be impeached for attempting to use a foreign government to reveal a political opponent's corruption.  In truth, he's under attack for who and what he is:  contemptuous of liberal pieties, a wreaker of political havoc, and the deadly enemy of the ruling class.  And, of course, in poor taste.

He's a hard man for a lot of people to like, and a majority of Americans disapprove of him.  But people were broadly satisfied with the results of Clinton's presidency, and by any measure, Trump is a far more effective chief executive than Bill Clinton.  Without strong public support, a president cannot be successfully impeached by Congress.  Speaker Pelosi knows this, but she's lost control of her caucus.  She's reached the end of the road and will go down in history as the only speaker of the House to lose her majority twice.

The failed attempt at Clinton's impeachment cost the Republicans in the subsequent election, even though they had the goods on him.  He was, in fact, proven to be a sexual predator and a perjurer.  But the Democrats have nothing on Trump.  As the months go by, this will be made abundantly clear and may well result in an electoral rout a year from now.

As this farce plays out, more and more Americans are tuning it out.  When the nightly news turns to impeachment, the channel is changed or the mute button hit.  People are already sick of it, and it's just started.  They've seen this movie before, with the Russia hoax and the endless Mueller investigation.  

If you shoot at the king, you'd better kill him.  The Democrats and the media have already taken one shot and missed.  Now they're about to take another.  A political leader who survives such attacks emerges stronger than ever.  Trump's opposition, including especially the liberal media, becomes more and more discredited and irrelevant.

Twenty years ago, I supported the Clinton impeachment because I despised him as a man.  I thought his odious personal life disqualified him from serving as president of this great country.  I was wrong.  I take no pleasure in seeing the Democrats repeat my mistake.

Fritz Pettyjohn used his talk radio show in Alaska to raise money for the Paula Jones legal team.

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