Chile boots 50 illegals involved in rioting — mostly from Cuba and Venezuela

Chile has been engulfed in fearsome riots, and a lot of speculation has rolled around about the influence of foreign agents, pretty much all dismissed by the establishment.

President Trump has said as much, and naturally been criticized for it.  Chile's weak president, Sebastián Piñera, has said it, too.  Nothing to see here, move along.

But now a story emerges from Rancagua, a mid-sized Chilean city of about 200,000 situated about 54 miles south of Santiago.

Here's a Google Translate from a piece that ran in El Rancaguino, the local newspaper:

Mayor ordered the expulsion of 50 foreigners from the country

30 are of Cuban nationality, nine Venezuelans, seven Dominicans, three Haitians, one is Colombian and the other Bolivian

50 foreigners must leave the national territory and return to their country of origin, this because they were clandestinely in Chile or irregular, for example, with their visa expired, and formalized for crimes.

This was stated by the Mayor Juan Manuel Masferrer, who said that he already signed his expulsion, arguing that these offenders at the time were made available to different courts of guarantee of the O'Higgins region, passed to detention control, formalized by the crimes charged and were left with precautionary measures, which empowers this procedure in accordance with the Immigration Regulations of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security.

Of the 50 expelled, five were arrested and placed at the disposal of the justice accused of carrying out looting, and on the other, for being involved in disorders, threatening authority and lifting barricades, all crimes, which according to the Mayor Juan Manuel Masferrer, are sufficient reasons to decree his expulsion.

Apparently, the mayors in Chile have that kind of power.

What's vivid is just how many Cubans and Venezuelans were among the bad guys who got shipped back.  It's true there are many migrants among these countries' populations.  But your average migrant fleeing communism isn't going to spend his time rioting in the country that takes him in, in the name of it not being communist enough, which is what the riots are about.

Chileans themselves are pretty suspicious that the whole thing looks like a set-up.  This tweet here caught my attention:

They wonder how many more have gotten away.

More to the point, could these agitators have embedded among the refugee population, the better to be in the ground to stir up trouble?  In Chile, it's not as far-fetched as it sounds.  Chileans have already been invaded and taken over — by Fidel Castro, no less, who made an alliance from hell with Soviet agent cum Chilean president Salvador Allende in the early 1970s.  Cubans, North Koreans, and other agents provocateurs were dispatched to the country at the time, and they took over.  Remember this?

Now with vast refugee flights and open borders...and riots suddenly breaking out in the most stable and conservative countries in Latin America, it's hard to think the Castro and Maduro oligarchies wouldn't be taking advantage.  Nothing would please them more than to see free-market success story Chile go up in flames.  Now it looks as though they are sending in goons to help make it happen.

It just goes to show the dangers of open borders, as Chile had.  President Trump, fortunately, is made of sterner stuff than Piñera, and his resolve to keep America protected thus far has not wavered.  Chile opened its borders to all illegals, and look what happened.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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