Burning church, cop on fire: A whiff of what the left wants for us from Chile

If you want a gander at what the far left really wants for all of us, take a look at the unleashed barbarism going on in Chile: SANTIAGO, Chile — Hooded protesters looted a Roman Catholic church Friday near the main gathering site for three weeks of mass protests against Chile’s government over inequality. An Associated Press photographer witnessed people dragging church pews, statues of Jesus and other religious iconography from La Asuncion church onto the street and setting them on fire in a flaming barricade before they clashed with police. Ashes spread to Santiago’s Plaza Italia square where thousands were chanting and holding banners, while others turned on the lights on their cellphones and waved Chilean national flags. The Chilean capital’s mayor estimated about 75,000 people had crowded the square. Smoke also billowed from the nearby headquarters of Pedro de Valdivia University, which was also looted, though it wasn’t...(Read Full Post)
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