Brave new world: Girl wins state wrestling championship against girls while pretending to be a boy

A Texas girl won the girls' state high school wrestling championship in the 110-pound division.  What's confusing about that — a girl wins the girls' title?  Well, it's not that simple.  It seems the girl in question, who goes by the name of Mack Beggs, is trying to become a guy.  In the "transitioning" process, Beggs has been taking weekly testosterone injections for three years.  

It is reported that Beggs asked to wrestle in the boys' division but was turned down.  That's because Texas has a sensible rule saying school athletes must compete under the sex on their birth certificate.

It is worth noting that Beggs also won the girls' title last year. The New York Post  reports that on the way to that title, two females in the regional tournament forfeited for fear of being injured by the testosterone-filled Beggs.  This year, one of Beggs's opponent forfeited for that reason despite the insistence of the coach to wrestle Beggs.

Now, the question that I'm sure is on all your minds is, why doesn't the use of performance-enhancing drugs, which testosterone certainly is, disqualify Beggs?  Here it seems Texas falls down.  The University Interscholastic League (UIL) is an organization that sets the rules for and administers athletic contests in Texas.  Commenting on the Beggs situation, an official from the UIL said: "The law is very specific.  A student who is being administered performance enhancing drugs by a physician, cannot be made ineligible."  Presumably, that law will be under review by Texas lawmakers.

In all the news stories and YouTube clips on Beggs, care has been taken always to refer to her as "he."  Those who complain about the unfairness of it all do so under their breath.  And they don't dare question the absurdity of this transitioning business.  It will be interesting to see how the undefeated Beggs does in college, where the rules are that Beggs must compete against men.  But by then, Beggs will have a scholarship and some news clippings to look back on.  Not a bad deal.

It is an uphill fight to bring sanity back to the country.  Up is down, down is up.  Boys are girls, and girls are boys.  As for truth, one had better be careful when speaking it.  The truth is as welcome as a skunk at a garden party, and voicing it in public can get you crucified.  For further evidence, one need only to look at the Russian collusion hoax and now the impeachment circus to see how poorly truth is treated. 

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