BET founder Robert L. Johnson warns Dems they are blowing it fighting Trump

Robert L. Johnson, the first African-American to build a business from scratch and become a billionaire, is a very smart man.  He knows President Trump and has worked with him on initiatives of concern to the black community.

Yesterday, excerpts from an interview with him by CNBC's Hadley Gamble were broadcast on that network, telling Democrats they are doing it the wrong way when they attack the POTUS.  The excerpts begin with him saying the election is Trump's to lose.  He expressed an appreciation for Trump as a disruptor:

"I think the president has always been in a position where it's his to lose, based on his bringing a sort of disruptive force into what would be called political norms. I don't care whether it's his way he conducts foreign policy, the way he takes on the government agencies and what they do with immigration. He brings his style."

That style is what journalists and other Democrats mistakenly focus on, and doing so, they alienate a lot of people (non-elites, I would call them):

"Now, a lot of people, particularly those who voted for him and those who will vote for him again in the next election, like that style," Johnson said. "I think what the Democrats have to do is to be careful not to get caught up in stylistic Trump and more on substantive Trump.

"His ability to dominate the news cycle and get the narrative going about what he said has, to me, sort of a double effect on the Democrats. One, they get all agitated about what he said, and then they go beyond just him. They extend it to his voters, and the voters say "wait a minute. I voted for this guy. I like what he's doing. You know, why are you picking on me, saying 'I'm not smart enough;' 'I'm sort of a cult?'"

You can watch the entire (under three minutes) CNBC segment below, including the hosts' speculation as to whether or not Johnson is now a Trump-supporter.

Johnson has been saying sensible things about President Trump for a while now, so he may not be reacting to the two recent polls showing that over a third of blacks now approve of the job President Trump is doing.  But it is clear that he is in sync with that segment of the black community.  Johnson sold BET, so he is no longer able to influence the programming there, but if the executives there are as smart as their founder, they will not be broadcasting the sort of denigration of Trump and his supporters that permeates the programming of MSNBC and CNN, purely out of self-interest.

Fortunately, few Democrats will heed his sage advice.  They are literally deranged with their hatred of President Trump and those who back him.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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