Another pervert turns up in Adam Schiff's orbit

We all know about Rep. Adam Schiff's gamy ties to pervert and Democratic donor Ed Buck, who's since been busted for his penchant for drugging and sometimes killing not-always-willing young black gay men.  Schiff took at least $2,700 from Buck and posed for a picture with him, too.  Buck was a big in the West Hollywood radical gay community, and Schiff, while not gay, clearly feels at home with those far-leftists.

Now there's another one turning up in Schiff's orbit.  According to KABC News of Los Angeles:

PACIFIC PALISADES, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Dr. Bruce M. Hensel, a former longtime medical correspondent for KNBC in Los Angeles, was arrested Wednesday morning on suspicion of asking a 9-year-old girl to send him sexually suggestive pictures, authorities said.

Hensel, 71, was taken into custody about 10:15 a.m. by investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department's Juvenile Division, a spokesperson for the agency said. He was released later in the day after posting $5,000 bail.

Eeew.  And there are unconfirmed reports that Schiff was friends with the man.  That detail isn't confirmed just yet, and it's well known that journalists are not supposed to donate to political campaigns, which makes the matter hard to prove.  What is known is that Schiff is close enough to the man to participate in common political missions with him.  In 2009, Schiff participated in a Hensel-moderated town hall in Alhambra to lie to voters about Obamacare.  Both were well known advocates pushing against skeptical members of the public to assure that all was well with the now detested program.

Here's the 2009 Los Angeles Times report about the two of them together:

Schiff tried to quiet the concerns of the politically charged crowd by hammering home his perspective with a set of panelists — including representatives of major medical, consumer and nonprofit organizations — who agreed with his stance. Introductory addresses from Schiff, panelists and town hall moderator Bruce Hensel of KNBC took up more than 40 minutes of the event, which began after 7 p.m. and was slated to finish about 9 p.m.

The barrage of information from speakers about the competitive market advantages of a public health-care option, or the downside of incorporating preexisting conditions in insurers' decisions to deny coverage drew frustrated boos from much of the crowd, which frequently chanted, "Questions! Questions!"

When the questions began, Schiff hoped to dispel what he characterized as "one of the popular myths about the bill" when an audience member expressed concerns that she would have to give up her current insurance plan if a government-run insurance option was created.

Remember those salad days?  Schiff and Hensel were working together to spread the phony narrative.

Here's how bad it was, based on a blogger from a blog called Pasadena Sub Rosa who was there, showing how closely Hensel and Schiff worked together:

Schiff's Townhall meeting was originally to be held in a small theater where only about 200 could be accommodated.  Due to the huge turnout, estimated between 4,000 to 6,000, the meeting was instead held outdoors on a stage in front of the Library in Alhambra. By the sound of the crowd, those opposing the proposed health care reform were in much greater numbers than the proponents. 

The meeting was not an American Townhall format. It was more like the Soviet propaganda meeting described above. Health care experts all with affiliations with the Democratic Party and pro-Obama-care shared the stage with Schiff.  They were all given microphones and given time to filibuster the first half of the meeting with lectures and propaganda in support of Obama-care.

Questions were taken from the audience but none of the questioners was given a microphone. Instead their questions had to be translated by moderator Dr. Bruce Hensel. Their voices and their rage were muted out and marginalized because no one could hear them over the sound of the crowd. Their voices were relegated to heckling, shouting over the speakers from afar, waving signs, all to no avail. Schiff and his entourage of elitist experts propounded the advantages of "scientific" health care and "computerized" medical records which would lower costs and shift health care delivery from quantitative care to qualitative care.  Faith was to be placed in technocracy and bureaucracy.

Here's more: Hensel in 2010 was a guest at Schiff's Hawaii-Five-0 birthday party.  Here's the L.A. Times again:

U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff was joined by close to 300 friends and supporters as he celebrated his 50th birthday Hawaiian-style at The Castaway Luau Grounds this past Thursday. Accompanied by his wife, Eve, and children, Alexa and Elijah, the five-term congressman joined Hawaiian dancers Andrea "Ku'uipo" Savopolos and Kealii Chang in welcoming guests, posing for photos and performing a traditional Hawaiian dance.


Other special guests at Thursday's celebration, that was coordinated by Patricia Horton, included NBC-4's Dr. Bruce Hensel, former-Burbank Leader Editor Paul Hubler, who once served as Schiff's chief of staff and is now the director of government and community relations for the Alameda Corridor-East Construction Authority, and Schiff's staff members Mary Hovagimian, Yvonne Hsu, Terry Valdez, William Syms, Margarita Gutierrez, Teresa Lamb Simpson, Elizabeth Vuna, Ann Peifer and Kathleen Miles.

So they are at least war buddies. Now Hensel is in the dock for attempting to have sex with little girls, while Buck is facing legal problems of his own.

What does it say about Schiff that these kinds of people keep turning up in his orbit? Why are they attracted to them, what is he giving them that a Republican would not give? The two do appear indeed to be friends, based on their repeat and personal associations. And yet all along, creatures such as Buck and Hensel are doing their vile deeds on the side.

I don't know any perverts, do you? It says something that Schiff is close to more than one.

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