ABC News shills for Kamala Harris

ABC News may be an expert at the arts of deception.  Consider the censoring of a three-year-old report on Jeffrey Epstein that never saw the light of day, revealed by Project Veritas on Tuesday.  And when it comes to promotional puff pieces on 2020 Democrat presidential candidates, ABC News is all in.

I rarely watch anything on the alphabet television channels.  However, earlier this morning at 12:35 A.M., I still had the local ABC TV affiliate on the flat screen with the sound off, having watched the local weather earlier, when ABC Nightline came on.  The venerable 40-year-old program, updated for the era of trending social media — the first segment was on the TikTok social media craze — featured a segment on 2020 Democrat presidential wannabe Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.).

Still frame from Kamala Harris "The Contenders: 2020 @20," ABC News Nightline, Nov. 6, 2019.

Harris has been struggling of late, and her campaign recently closed its New Hampshire offices and concentrated what remains of its dwindling resources on Iowa in advance of that state's caucuses on February 3, 2020.

Interesting, then, was ABC News's take on Harris.  What I saw was essentially a sophisticated, highly produced campaign-style promotional video that immediately took me back to 2008, when the MSM were busy facilitating the rise of Sen. Barack Obama in his successful quest for the presidency.  Warning: puke alert for video-watchers.

In this case, the segment on Harris was apparently part of an ongoing Nightline series on the leading 2020 Democrat candidates — "The Contenders: 2020 @20" — focusing on all of the candidates when they were about twenty years old.  This approach would seem very appealing to Generation Z (a prime target of Democrat ops in advance of the 2020 election), assuming any of them is watching Nightline.

Rather than summarize what came next, I recommend for those with a strong stomach and their blood pressure under tight control the seven-minute-long ABC Nightline video segment here.  It's a state-of-the-art example of propaganda 101.

For those who like to read, ABC News's article about the Harris segment is here.  In advance of the broadcast early Wednesday morning, ABC obviously alerted friendly media — especially the black press — to this forthcoming positive appraisal of Sen. Harris.  An example is this article promoting the Nightline segment published at Essence on Tuesday afternoon.

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