A DACA deal? Trump knows what he's doing

Now that it looks as though the Supreme Court is going to uphold President Trump's scrapping of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order, criticism is coming in fast from the likes of pundits such as Ann Coulter for speaking of a potential deal with Democrats that might just follow.

Fine and dandy — none of us thinks it's a good idea to incentivize and reward lawbreaking. 

All the same, ending DACA is a tough political choice for Trump, given the nonstop media coverage of crying children supposedly headed for the seventh circle of hell that is democratic...El Salvador, or wherever, which is sure to follow.  Seems no one can live in such places, even though millions of people do.  For this reason, Trump has never been an absolutist on DACA, and in the past, he has said he was in favor of some kind of mercy deal for the illegal aliens brought here as children.

That's where he's getting flak, but his tweets are a pretty good indicator that he knows how to sort out what's bad from what's good.  That's important, because the big problem with DACA is that it's pretty undifferentiated, forcing the U.S. to take bad with good.

Here are a couple:

What he seems to be doing is laying out the conditions for a deal with Democrats on DACA. 

DACA, which sported a 90%-plus approval rate in many areas, pretty well took anyone who applied for it.  The press has often stated there have been strict conditions to qualify, but that's nonsense.  Standards for qualifying for DACA are incredibly low.  DACA recipients get as many as three "free" misdemeanors.  Waivers of all kinds, including fee waivers, are common.  DACA recipients don't need to show any academic accomplishment or, for that matter, be in school.  They can go to a no-show school and get a GED not worth the paper it's printed on, and so long as they have some kind of proof they're there, they get in, too.  They also don't need to speak English or show any signs of assimilation, let alone loyalty to the U.S.  Age, criminal record, and residence fraud are easily accomplished because nothing is closely checked.  Whether they illegally voted in U.S. elections isn't checked, either.  And gratitude?  Hell no, nobody needs to be grateful for the U.S. for pulling their chestnuts out of the fire for what their lawbreaking parents did to them.  That's some of what's out there.

The problem with DACA is that for every valedictorian and military service member put forward by the press, there are huge numbers of criminals and lowlifes in the undifferentiated DACA mass, too.

Trump clearly gets that by this tweet.  Yes, there are some DACA residents most Americans would be willing to accept as residents, but it sure as heck isn't all of them.

Any deal with Democrats on DACA would have to sort out the sheep from the goats, because DACA's biggest problem is that it didn't sort anyone out.  Anyone who gets such a deal would have to have no, zero, zilch criminal record of any kind, same as the rest of most Americans; would have to show some kind of verifiable record of academic achievement; must speak English; and should probably prove loyalty to the U.S. through military service or something other than community organizing.  Political activists ought to be disqualified, anyone who has illegally voted in a U.S. election should be out forever, and chain migration should be completely out of the picture.

After that, a deal might just be palatable.  Trump understands this.  His critics don't.

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