A bad look for the swampers: Moving against Gallagher after Trump's message sent was very clear

Contrary to the media narrative, confusion reigns supreme in the Washington swamp, not the White House, now that the Navy has or hasn't moved to strip Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher of his Trident pin, and one or two officials have reportedly threatened to resign over President Trump's clemency to the man who was convicted of posing for a picture with a dead terrorist. To those of us on the outside, it looks like insubordination to the commander in chief. Here's the New York Times: The secretary of the Navy and the admiral who leads the SEALs have threatened to resign or be fired if plans to expel a commando from the elite unit in a war crimes case are halted by President Trump, administration officials said Saturday. The high-level pushback to Mr. Trump’s unambiguous assertion on Twitter this past week that the commando, Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, should remain in the unit was an extraordinary development in what was already an...(Read Full Post)
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