60 Minutes gives us a migrant sob story except that all signs suggest the migrant is pretty rich

CBS's 60 Minutes could have had an interesting story about how middle class people in El Salvador are entering the U.S. illegally now, yet are generally tenderfoots when they enter the illegal alien scene as well as ill-equipped to take on the elements as previous Central American rural poor have successfully done. But why do a truthful story like that when a cookie-cutter activist narrative is out there to parrot the leftist line that President Trump is evil for trying to keep a border on the U.S. and everyone in El Salvador is poor and oppressed and dodging bullets? The news show began with a sad story of Tania Avalos, who, along with her purported husband and daughter, attempted to cross the rain-swollen Rio Grande river illegally, resulting in two deaths. 60 Minutes matched the event to a widely reported news photo of the two dead bodies in the river. The man who died was Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, and toddler...(Read Full Post)
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