Wishin' and Hopin': The mainstream media are desperate for a recession

It is truly a shame that the WSJ's news pages participate in trashing the Trump economy and policies.  They seem to want to go along with almost all other supposed news outlets who report what they report solely because they want to defeat Trump. On Wednesday, the Journal printed an outright lie in the first paragraph of one of its economic stories, where it blamed Trump's trade policies for pushing factory activity to a ten-year low.  A formulaic number, the Institute for Supply Management index fell to a ten-year low, which indicates that manufacturing is slowing.  However, it does not indicate that factory activity is at a ten-year low. Anyone suggesting that factory activity is at the lowest level since 2009 is either an economic illiterate or someone trying to mislead the public. Since before Trump was elected, most of the media were supporting Hillary Clinton and pushing the Democrat talking points that Trump's...(Read Full Post)
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