Will the media ever tell the public the truth about executive pay instead of pushing the Democrat agenda?

Bernie Sanders and other Democrats, with the support of most of the media, rail against corporations and their CEOs, and always demand more money for the government as they pretend to care about helping the poor and middle class reduce the pay and income gap.

American CEOs deserve a pay cut. Bernie Sanders has a plan to make that happen.

In 2018, the average S&P 500 CEO earned 287 times more than their median employee, according to an analysis by the AFL-CIO. According to yet another analysis, this one by the consultancy Equilar and the Associated Press, the typical worker would need to put in more than 150 years on the job before they brought home what their company's CEO did in one year. Not surprisingly, Americans — after decades of stagnant wages — are furious. The staggering CEO-to-worker pay gap has played a role in everything from the Fight for $15 movement to the current GM strike. Yet there is no justification for their giant pays days — from either a bottom line or moral perspective.

The business case for outrageous CEO pay does not exist.

Isn't it time that the media report what an average CEO makes instead of just talking about what the highest paid CEOs of the biggest companies make?

Why don't we see what the highest paid actors, musicians, and talking heads make and compare them to the average of people in their industry, and then have Sanders and other Democrats talk about regulating their pay?  Maybe we can start with people at all the networks that trash Trump every day as they campaign for Democrats.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2,639,500 top executive jobs and the average pay in 2018 was $104,980, which was $280 more than they made in 2016 (a very small raise) and CEOs made an average of $189,600 in May of 2018.  That is a far cry from any numbers that the media misleads the public with.

If the media and other Democrats truly cared about the income and wealth gap, they would do something to reduce the gap between the D.C. area and the rest of the country.  Instead, almost every one of their proposed policies seeks to transfer more money from the rest of us to them.  They seek to make more of the poor and middle-class dependent on government instead of giving them the opportunity to move up the economic ladder as Trump's policies do.  Their policies will help the D.C. area expand their wealth gap over the rest of us.

What do they produce in DC other than headaches for the rest of us?

D.C. Suburbs Make List of America's Richest Neighborhoods

The Washington region has long been among the nation's most affluent areas, but it's also home to some of America's richest neighborhoods, according to a new study.

Four neighborhoods in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs of the nation's capital rank in the top 10 of the country's wealthiest neighborhoods, according to a new study that measures average household incomes and 2010 Census data.

Facts haven't meant anything to the media for a long time, but isn't it time they reported actual numbers before they talk about additional regulations?  As for publicly traded companies, the shareholders who take all the risk should say what the executives make, not the government that took no risk.

Why doesn't everyone stop with the talking points that people at the bottom haven't moved up while the rich have gotten richer?  The truth is that most of the people at the top moved up from the bottom or the middle, and many at the top moved down.  That is what capitalism does.  The best example is Jeff Bezos, who is now the richest man in the world.  Less than twenty years ago, his company, Amazon, was losing billions each year.  Now he owns the Washington Post, which trashes Trump each day while rooting for people who want to move toward socialism.

There is one easy way to make the rich poorer and narrow the wealth gap.  It won't help the poor or the middle class, but it will reduce the gap, and it would happen if the U.S moves toward socialism, has a government monopoly on health care, and stops using fossil fuels.  An economic collapse would do it, with corporations and individuals failing, stock markets crashing, unemployment skyrocketing, and commercial and residential real estate markets collapsing.  Everyone would be poorer, especially the rich.  I would challenge all the Democrats to tell the truth about their proposals.

That does appear to be what most of the media and other democrats are rooting for.

Graphic credit: Pixabay.

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