When will the timid GOP wussy boys step up to the plate?

As the Democrats plow ahead in their hollow quest to bring President Trump down, the absurdity of their pitiful scheme becomes ever more pathetic.  But we can say this for the Dems: they stick together, and they stick to their plan, no matter how futile it is.

The Republicans?  Not so much.  They do not stick together; they don't stick to any plan.  They seem to barely agree on what conservatism is, let alone be true to it, to their party's basic principles.  They cower.

The Democrats, on the other hand, will lie, cheat, and expose their monstrous hypocrisy for all to see while the Republicans quake in their boots and go wobbly for fear of being spoken of negatively by our moonbat lefty pseudo- journos in the media.  There are of course a few truly great, courageous Republicans in Congress: Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Doug Collins, Mark Meadows, John Ratcliffe, and Ron Johnson come to mind.  Others who we thought would be great — Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, Mike Lee, and Tom Cotton — are sitting on their hands as though they are scared to death of bad press. 

Even Lindsey Graham, who generally talks a good game, has done precious little to fight the criminal Left.  Where are the subpoenas, the hearings to investigate the obvious crimes of the Biden family, let alone the cabal that planned and implemented the plot to smear Trump with the false accusation of collusion with Russia?  The Republicans overlook the crimes of the Left while the Dems pounce to investigate imaginary misdemeanors on the right.  Everyone who cares to look knows by now that it was the Clinton campaign, the DNC, the FBI, the DOJ who actually did all that and more.

These Republican members of Congress have yet to meet our expectations, to figure out that bad press from the fake news media is a good thing.  Then there are the actual GOP traitors: wobblies Ben Sasse, possibly Susan Collins and Joni Ernst, Justin Amash, and the ever bitter anti-Trumper Mitt Romney.  How did the weak character of these people escape the perception of the voters who elected them?  Who knows how many other quiet Republicans do not have the courage of any convictions?

So a few good men are carrying the entire burden of fighting back against the Democrat-media conglomerate that has yet to admit that Trump is a great president and still seeks to impeach him.  (As Al Green revealed, "if we don't impeach him, he will be re-elected.")  If and when they admit this truism to themselves, they only hate him more; they resent his success in areas they have failed at for decades, like minority unemployment.

Trump has achieved success in many areas that Obama said could never be accomplished.  Obama attempted to take the entire nation to the Democrat-orchestrated depths of San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles.  The entrenched Democrat leadership in those cities is unapologetic, and the destruction of the quality of life of their residents continues unabated.

Trump vowed to reverse that trend.  He has been doing his best but without much help from the Republicans in the House or Senate.  They've not fought hard for border security, nor have they fought the coup attempt that is the Russia collusion hoax.  They have hardly fought at all against the latest faux whistleblower scam, and they surely know that it is just another dirty trick.  It seems most of them are as uncomfortable with a D.C. outsider at the helm as the Democrats.  Disappointing.

The Beltway is a club, and membership is exclusive; parties are virtually irrelevant.  If character counted, people like Adam Schiff, Steve Cohen, Richard Blumenthal, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Pelosi, and even Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib would have been booted from the House or Senate long ago, but the lot of them are like-minded serfs in thrall to a contemptible media establishment and the mandates of membership in that club: play by our rules, or you're done.

The faint-of-heart Republicans have decided to be bystanders in the passing parade of democrat chicanery in service to their goal of exorcising Donald Trump.  All of this points to the essential difference between left and right. 

The Left has no scruples, no allegiance to its constituents.  Leftists seek power above all else, and Trump is an impediment to that power.  The Republicans want to be nice, always nice.  They loathe the confrontation the Left purposefully generates and try to avoid it.

Why did no Republican jump to his feet in a rage when Schiff read his false narrative of Trump's conversation with Zelensky of Ukraine?  Because they are always polite.  No Republican would ever bring fried chicken to eat in a House committee hearing room. Not in a million years.

No Republican would ever have mounted so obvious a hoax as the ridiculous Blasey-Ford fiasco.

To their credit, Republicans do not assume all Americans are idiots as the Democrats most certainly do. To the Dems, we are all members of the OJ jury; we do not know right from wrong. Republicans know better. But if they think their "we are better than that" position will serve them well they are sadly mistaken. Good soldiers who are afraid to fight will be defeated.

Trump and his few allies in Congress and his millions of supporters may well prevail but it will be without help from our gutless Republicans in Congress, and while this has long been true, people are beginning to notice. Trump is out there almost all alone.

It is very clear where the Democrat party wants to take us — economic oblivion, open borders, gender fluidity and confusion, forced equality; the wholesale destruction of American values and traditions. At this moment in time, Trump is our only hope to escape the dark future the Left has in store for us. These elected Republicans need to grow a pair and stand up for what is right and true.

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