What did China get out of Hunter Biden? Not his investment smarts

You don't seriously think the Chinese are so stupid as to think they could get better private equity returns with Hunter Biden and John Kerry's stepson Chris Heinz than they could with, say, Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, do you? So what could they get from the two unaccomplished promoters that they couldn't from Goldman or Morgan? The answer is twofold: the ability to buy American military technology and the ability to gain U.S. State Department approval for doing so.  Who was the secretary of state in 2015?  None other than Chris Heinz's stepfather, John Kerry. In 2015, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China teamed up with Bohai Harvest RST to buy Henniges Automotive, a producer of high-tech anti-vibration components for automobiles.  Bohai Harvest's investment funding, though "managed" by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, had come in large part from Chinese government interests.  So it's...(Read Full Post)
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