Trump's Syria plan reveals a master strategist in the White House

It's just too delicious.  President Trump ordered U.S. special forces out of Syria to a chorus of howling Democrats and all the old, experienced hands at State and, supposedly, the military.  (I had doubts as well.)  Democrats yelled that all hell was about to break loose.  The Pentagon pulled its hair.  Europe trembled and blanched.  The Mideast girded for something awful. Everybody thought we had to keep our troops around so the Turks wouldn't invade Northern Syria and kill off all the Kurds.  Everybody wanted them to negotiate with the Kurds and figured the only way to do that was little by little, by getting allies to reason with Turkey and hem and haw and maybe buy her off as in times past.  Meanwhile, we had to keep the two ancient enemies, Kurds and Turks, apart. Negotiations would ever happen only if our troops stayed. Trump saw the situation differently.  As beautifully...(Read Full Post)
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