Time for an end to wars of sincerely good intentions

For millennia, humans have fought wars.  Most of them were probably launched unjustly, wars of conquest and enslavement.  Some were matters of national survival, wars in which the defending side, if it lost, ceased to exist.  Then there is perhaps the worst of all: wars of sincerely good intentions. President Trump is being excoriated by many on both sides of the political aisle because he is withdrawing troops from Syria.  Whether that withdrawal is strategically the right move or not, or whether it is the right time or not, will be debated by future historians.  Whichever is the case, it is in the national interest to withdraw.  Retreat may not be the obviously correct thing to do, and even when it is, the timing may never be right, but there must come a time.  The Forever War must finally end. President Trump seems to understand that.  He has long opposed the idea of entering into avoidable...(Read Full Post)
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