The return of the political race-hustler

A new breed of Al Sharptons has risen out of conservative religious circles to stir America's melting pot like never before.  Race-hustling scholars are shaping and twisting narratives to lay the groundwork for a fundamentally Marxist transformation of American culture.

The tactics of the modern race-baiter have been tweaked to include the illusion of conservative credibility via the attainment of theological credentials and a guise of true orthodoxy.  Unfortunately, their bottom line has not changed; from Jesse Jackson to the latest stalwarts of the grievance industry, the political race-hustler is back with a vengeance. 

As the infiltration of religious institutions progresses, church watchmen have been caught off guard.  Fortunately, the hug heard around the world has been a much needed wake-up call. 

Men like Jemar Tisby are fully exposing themselves by taking a moment of true reconciliation and turning it into an opportunity to stoke the fire.  In his most recent op-ed for the Washington Post, Tisby critiques the events surrounding the accidental shooting death of Botham Jean, specifically younger brother Brandt's forgiving embrace of convicted officer Amber Guyger following her 10-year murder sentence.  Tisby inserts division where healing should dwell, as he insists that "no one should mistake black forgiveness ... for complacency[.] ... No one should assume ... a public act of mercy ... of one black person eclipses ... demands for change[.]"

Tisby refuses to break from his never-ending narrative that "a society built around white superiority is ... built around white innocence ... an assumption of the intrinsic moral virtue of all white people and ... purity of their intentions regardless of impact. White innocence assumes black forgiveness." 

Apart from Tisby, "woke" pastors like Thabiti Anyabwile are even willing to overlook hostility toward religious liberty in its various forms to endorse Democratic presidential hopefuls who promote reparations as "an obvious policy response to the country's 'original sin' of slavery and exploitation of African Americans."  Pastors like Anyabwile apply perpetual purgatories where grace should abound.

No amount of penance can absolve the white man of the sins perpetuated against black humanity.  This is the crux of critical race theory.  There can never be appeasement. 

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