The cartels send a bloody message to President Lopez-Obrador

We've told you before about the killings south of the border. Early this week a police convoy in Michoacán was ambushed by cartel members, with 13 officers killed.  The attack is considered a message to President López-Obrador: The attack — the worst on Mexican law enforcement in years — comes at a time when violence attributed to drug cartels has spiked in recent months. "No attack on the police will go unpunished, and this was a cowardly, devious attack because they laid an ambush in this area of the road," Gov. Silvano Aureoles said. Governor Aureoles is right, but is President López-Obrador listening? I hope he is, because the brutality of this attack presents a challenge to a president, who earlier vowed to end the "war" on criminal groups.  In other words, he is saying the militarized approach has failed. President López-Obrador has pledged to end the violence by...(Read Full Post)
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