Some toxic implications for impeachment-happy Democrats, from Axios, of all places

As the mainstream press falls all over itself to blare about a poll of dubious quality, claiming that most voters want President Trump out of office, center-left Axios of all places, has some warnings of toxic implications for Democrats if they push their impeachment dream as they're now doing, and they go well beyond the typical warning that Trump is likely to win:

It’s looking more likely by the day that President Trump will be impeached by the House for his dealings with Ukraine. But if he is acquitted by the Senate — and then goes on to win a second term — Democrats will face a predicament neither party has confronted in U.S. history.

Why it matters: If Trump survives politically and is re-elected to serve another four years, Congress likely would have nowhere left to go in the event of another scandal, legal and political experts say — not because the House couldn’t impeach him again, but because it might be politically impossible to do so.

Axios interviewed political experts to warn about just how bad it will be for Democrats if they get away with this, particularly since many scenarios show that they aren't going to win. Among others, there's the argument that Democrats are likely to get just one shot at this stunt, effectively making themselves out of ammo if Trump gets reelected and they come back for more. 

A second impeachment would risk “a political blowback in the midterm elections if Democrats are seen as nothing but a political party that wants to railroad, witch hunt, whatever you want to call it, this president,” said Jim Robenalt, an Ohio-based lawyer who created a continuing legal education program with former White House counsel John Dean about Watergate.

Hard to do when you've shot your bolt.

The one exception might be if they drag it all on through the election (instead of getting it over with at the end of the year, as they promise they will do) which would carry political costs of its own for them, dragging, dragging, dragging the whole impeach-Trump thing into the years. The idea would be to win back the Senate and then with both Houses against Trump, just vote him out together instead of watch their move fail in the GOP-controlled Senate.

It seems as though they haven't thought these things through. So much for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being a master strategist. It's a spot of good news to hear that Democrats can pay a very big political price for this kangaroo court maneuver.

Read the whole thing here.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of image by Tom Childers, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0 and public domain source.

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