Will lefties now scold Venezuela's Maduro for polluting Brazil's beaches as they did Bolsonaro over Amazon fires?

In addition to creating a refugee spill across South America, the socialist hellhole of Venezuela seems to be broading its disastrous aftereffects now to oil spills.

Latest news is that they are filthening up Brazil's famed beaches with tankers dumping oil in about 138 incidents, killing the sea turtles and other creatures, making Brazil's beaches look like this:

Image credit: Sergipe state government, Brazil.

Sergipe is this tiny Brazilian state marked in red here:

Image credit: Raphael Lorenzeto de Abreu via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.5.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

SÃO PAULO — Brazilian Environment Minister Ricardo Salles said Wednesday that the crude oil staining long stretches of Brazil's northeastern coast "very probably" came from Venezuela, an assertion that could lead to even worse relations between the already hostile neighbors.

At least 138 spots in nine Brazilian states have been hit by oil slicks since early September, killing sea turtles and hurting other animals, and tons of crude have already been removed from the sites, according to Brazil's environmental protection agency IBAMA.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Wednesday that a report by Brazilian oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA, or Petrobras, indicated that at least some of the oil came from Venezuela, though the company declined to confirm the report existed.

"All indications are that, as per the Petrobras report, the oil was spilled, accidentally or not, by a ship sailing close to the Brazilian coast," Mr. Salles said during a congressional hearing.

There's still maybe a 1% chance they didn't do it, but there's also a 99% chance that they did, and given what we know about the chaos in the socialist hellhole, draw your own conclusions.

The actual dynamic is best explained by Brazil's state oil company chief speaking to Bloomberg here:

Petrobras Chief Executive Officer Roberto Castello Branco said on Tuesday that about 500 barrels were spilled, which means it wasn't simply from an oil tanker that was being cleaned. He said that it could have come from an oil tanker that sank, an accident when loading oil from one tanker to another, or from a criminal act.

Dollars to donuts, they're probably transporting oil to evade sanctions, or perhaps because their own tankers aren't cross-ocean seaworthy, by transferring the oil from one ship to another and spilling some in the process.  But the Brazilians haven't ruled out sabotage, and, well, this being socialist Venezuela, it perhaps could be some other kind of incompetence. 

Be nice if Brazil put its foot down and just hosed the hellhole out at this point.

But leave that aside for the moment.

What we are seeing now, according to the Journal, is Brazil being put in the spotlight again over pollution issues.  Just a few months ago, the Left was hollering and stamping its feet over the fires of grasslands and savanna around the Amazon basin from what are known in Venezuela as conuco fires, subsistence farmers inefficiently burning brush to clear land for planting and creating a lot of pollution.  The Left yelled that that created global warming.

Here's Bloomberg noting just that phenomenon:

The oil spill is putting Brazil back in the spotlight for environmental disasters. A surge in fires in the Amazon rainforest in August sparked an international backlash against President Jair Bolsonaro, a social conservative who supports developing natural resources in the Amazon. Two massive mining waste dams have collapsed since 2015, claiming hundreds of lives and polluting waterways in several states.

Brazil has a conservative president, so he took the brunt of the abuse, even though the problem was occurring in several countries, not only in South America, but also in Africa.

Now they've got another man-caused pollution problem, courtesy of the socialist hellhole up north. 

Where's Prince Harry to pontificate about sea pollution to Brazil?  Where are Oliver Stone and Naomi Campbell, Sean Penn and Cindy Sheehan, and all the rest of the leftist clowns who are still defending the Chavista regime?  More interesting still, where are Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who are all stalwarts about the regime in Caracas's right to exist?

The Chavistas are now trashing the Earth, so these leftists are going to have to start picking what they prefer — radical environmentalism or socialism über alles?  Which is it?

Why aren't they yelling about Venezuela's pollution war the same way they yelled about Bolsonaro?

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