Where the heck are the feminists and #MeToo-ers on Katie Hill?

Freshman Democrat Rep. Katie Hill, who sits on a House committee trying to impeach President Trump and has been called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "new favorite," has been in office less than a year, and already we know too much about her.

It's not merely the naked pictures, actually, though, yes, one wonders why someone like her would stand there buck naked and maybe ask for someone to take a snap to share that precious memory.

It's that she's an exploiter.  And with an emerging pattern of that coming into play, nobody in the all-Democrat feminist industrial complex is saying a thing. 

First, she exploited the very young 22-year-old intern with that "throuple" relationship with her husband, a threesome, and then discarded the young concubine when she got tired of her.  Sure, someone who's in a "throuple" probably ought to know that feelings don't matter, but the intern was very young, what the perverts call "barely legal."  According to the text messages, she left the young woman feeling used, like a commodity, in a world of hurt.  "I'm still a mess after you f------," she texted Hill.  Meanwhile, exploiting the interns for sex use is explicitly against congressional House rules, which is why Hill "made history" as the first female congress member to be investigated for diddling the interns.

That wasn't the only exploitation she had going on.  If the throuple concubine was handy for gratification, the husband was handy for housework.  According to the New York Post:

Embattled Congresswoman Katie Hill wanted her husband — with whom she reportedly had a "throuple" relationship that included a young staffer — to stay home and do all the housework because she hated chores, a new report claims.

The sex-scandal-scarred California rep demanded that spouse Kenny Heslep live life as a "house husband" and left him to become entirely financially dependent on her, according to a CNBC report published Friday.

"[Hill] told me that she did not like to do household chores and duties and wanted me to stay at home and do those things while she worked," Heslep wrote in the July divorce complaint, obtained by CNBC.

Now, this guy's a whiner, a leftist, and apparently a ne'er-do-well, and not very different from Hill.  But isn't Hill, who was loud and obnoxious in accusing the morally spotless Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of being as a rapist, supposed to be a big champion of women's causes?  She's got pro-abortion stuff all over her Twitter feed and claims to be a big champ for #MeToo.

Now we have her exploiting her intern on the very male diddle-the-interns model, the very reason House rules were made, and exploiting her husband on the helpless barefoot-and-pregnant white-trash model that dates to the days of Betty Friedan?

Where's the #MeToo crowd in this matter?  Where's the National Organization for Women?  They've gone mysteriously silent, effectively protecting her as their champ while at the same time denouncing men who employ the same practices.  They codified those condemnations for all those laws, yet right there in their own ranks is the world's most visible practitioner.  You'd think they'd be first in line to condemn these multiple instances of exploitation they have railed about for decades, but nope, not a peep.

Hill is revolting, not just for her moral turpitude and string of exploitations, but for her hypocrisy, and not just her own, but for all the hypocrisies of her lefty feminist allies.  One can only hope the body politic washes its hands of all of them.  And takes a shower, too.

Image credit: Fox News via YouTube, screen shot.

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