So the whistleblower went to Adam Schiff first, not the designated intelligence authorities?

Remember when intelligence leaker Ed Snowden's gentlest critics said he should have taken his complaints of intelligence abuses through established internal channels instead of stealing thousands of documents of top-secret intelligence files and then leaking them to the press?  That "mistake" — and I don't think it was one — is what drove him to seek refuge in the old Soviet Union just a few years ago. Remember when the same was said of then-private Bradley Manning, who leaked troves of military secrets to WikiLeaks before being packed off to Leavenworth?  He should have gone through channels... The idea is that these people shouldn't have been addressing the issues that they claimed motivated them to do their dirty betrayals the way they did, because there were plenty of internal channels to work with, and they didn't bother. Turns out we got another one, according to a report from...(Read Full Post)
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