So no one who worked for Obama should ever be investigated?

Since January 2017, the media and other Democrats have talked about the Constitution, the rule of law, and piously intoned that no one is above the rule of law.   Yet from January 2009 to January 2017, the Constitution and rule of law were effectively suspended for President Obama and those who worked for him.    Here are some examples:   Trump did not dictatorially and unilaterally change and ignore existing immigration law. That was Obama, and Trump is trying to reverse Obama's unconstitutional action and enforce the laws Congress passed as his oath requires.    Trump did not sue states that sought to enforce immigration laws. That was Obama.   Trump did not threaten to cut off funds from Ukraine if they didn't do something specific. That was Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden. What's more, Biden said it on tape. That was quid pro quo.   The U.S. and Europe, in the 1990s, agreed...(Read Full Post)
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