So no one who worked for Obama should ever be investigated?

Since January 2017, the media and other Democrats have talked about the Constitution, the rule of law, and piously intoned that no one is above the rule of law.
Yet from January 2009 to January 2017, the Constitution and rule of law were effectively suspended for President Obama and those who worked for him. 
Here are some examples:
Trump did not dictatorially and unilaterally change and ignore existing immigration law. That was Obama, and Trump is trying to reverse Obama's unconstitutional action and enforce the laws Congress passed as his oath requires. 
Trump did not sue states that sought to enforce immigration laws. That was Obama.
Trump did not threaten to cut off funds from Ukraine if they didn't do something specific. That was Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden. What's more, Biden said it on tape. That was quid pro quo.
The U.S. and Europe, in the 1990s, agreed to help Ukraine defend itself if it would agree to give up nuclear weapons. When Ukraine was attacked by Russia, the agreement meant nothing. Obama turned down the request. Trump didn't -- and gave them the weapons.
The U.S and Ukraine also have an agreement, a law signed by then-President Clinton, to cooperate on corruption. Obama looked the other way as Biden's son got a $50,000 per month retainer in a no-show job he knew nothing about. Biden himself threatened to cut off funds if the prosecutor investigating the company's previously corrupt dealings didn't get fired on the spot. The media didn't care about that, but it goes after Trump for looking into corruption.
Trump didn't take $1.8 billion of taxpayer money to bribe Iranian tyrants. That was Obama.
Trump did not charge eight whistleblowers with violating the Espionage Act nor did he sic the government on journalists. That was Obama. If Trump even uses the word 'spy,' the media and other Democrats accuse him of violating the law. Remember this?

Obama’s Legacy: A Historic War On Whistleblowers

As for Obama’s record, here’s what history will show: In his eight years in office, the Obama Justice Department spearheaded eight Espionage Act prosecutions, more than all US administrations combined. Journalists were also caught in the crosshairs: Investigators sought phone records for Associated Press journalists, threatened to jail an investigative reporter for The New York Times, and named a Fox News reporter a co-conspirator in a leak case. In Texas, a journalist investigating private defense contractors became the focus of a federal prosecution and was initially charged for sharing a hyperlink containing hacked information that had already been made public.

The Trump administration didn't illegally spy on thousands of Americans, including on people surrounding his political opponents as well as on reporters. That was Obama.
Trump didn't use the media to spread lies about the Iranian deal. That was Obama, according to his loyal creative-writing minion, Ben Rhodes.
Trump didn't dictatorially stop a years-long investigation by the supposedly "independent" Justice Department into drug running by terrorists sponsored by Iran. That was Obama.
Trump didn't use the IRS to violate the freedom of speech and freedom of association rights of political opponents. That was Obama.
Trump didn't violate the nation's bankruptcy laws to reward political supporters. That was Obama, rewarding unions when he used taxpayer money to bailout GM.
Trump didn't use foreign nationals as an excuse to spy on and attempt to take out a political opponent. That was the Obama administration, in collusion with the DNC and Hillary Clinton.
The Trump administration did not illegally unmask names surrounding his political opponents. That was Obama. 
Trump did not give U.S. uranium operations to Russia after his Secretary of State got massive donations for her foundation and her husband got huge amounts for a single speech from Russia. That was Obama.
Trump did not whisper that he would be flexible with Russia. That was Obama. 
Trump did not give a stand down order to stop investigating Russian hacking before an election. That was Obama.
Trump did not allow people to die while concocting a lie about a video to protect his political power. That was Obama (and Hillary).
Trump did not violate separation of powers by illegally stealing money more than once to pay shortfalls for Obamacare. That was Obama.
Trump did not shake down corporations and set up slush funds at EPA, Justice and CFPB to be used for political purposes and to reward political supporters. That was Obama.
Trump does not look away when sanctuary cities and states refuse to enforce immigration laws that Congress passed. That was Obama.
Trump did not willfully and illegally withhold documents from Congress for years on Fast and Furious. That was Obama. 
Trump did not have an Secretary of State who continually violated the nations security laws and then made sure that she wasn't prosecuted. That was Obama. Maybe that was because Obama himself violated the laws by corresponding with her on that computer. 
Trump did not have a Secretary of State handing out favors for huge foreign donations. That was Obama. 
Trump did not look the other way while people named Eric Holder, James Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Rice and others committing perjury. That was Obama. People associated with Obama were always above the law while the media and other Democrats lecture the public about no one being above the law. 
For eight years most of the media cheered as Obama and his administration ignored the law and Constitution and for three years, they have been searching for a crime with which to impeach Trump. They print fake stories with anonymous sources to seek reasons to impeach. They act like the Obama administration was scandal-free to intentionally mislead the public because the only thing that matters is power for Democrats. 
It is truly a shame that so few in the media, in collusion with other Democrats, believe that Democrats are above the law and intentionally mislead the public by creating fake crimes for Trump.
It is a bigger shame when Republicans want to be loved by the media and other Democrats and instead of wanting to root out crimes and corruption climb on board to attack Trump. 
Thank God for Trump and his tweeting because if he was not so vocal, he would have been gone by now and the corrupt media and other Democrats would be well on their way to destroying America, capitalism and our way of life. Few Republicans have the gonads that Trump has to take the cabal on the way he does. 
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