Seems James Clapper just admitted Obama ordered him to ignore 2016 Russian election interference

Somehow, the complicit media have never been interested in connecting the very clear dots: Supposedly, the Obama administration, through the FBI and intelligence agencies, was worried about Russians interfering in the 2016 election — so worried that its people lied to the FISA court to get an excuse to spy on Trump. Despite all the Clinton campaign connections to Russia, not once did the Obama administration have any interest at all in spying on Clinton's people or infiltrating their campaign with informants, even though there were two candidates.  If the Obama administration was really concerned and not just targeting Trump for defeat, wouldn't it have spied on both candidates? Obama must not have actually been concerned about Russian collusion or hacking, or would he have given a stand down order to his cyber-security chief to stop investigating Russian hacking in the summer of 2016?  Maybe he was just being flexible with Russia, as he...(Read Full Post)
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