Schiff's lies about no advance knowledge of whistleblower complaint make the impeachment efforts look like a conspiracy

When wrongdoing by Democrats is discussed, the media like to call charges against them "conspiracy theories," implying that crazed partisans are imagining phony connections where none in fact exists.  But when people with no visible connection with each other work together in secret to accomplish some goal and then lie about their collaboration, the dreaded word "conspiracy" becomes completely appropriate. And that's what the charges that Nancy Pelosi tasked Adam Schiff's House Intelligence Committee (and five other House committees) with investigating, with an eye toward impeaching President Trump, now look like: a conspiracy including one or more Deep State operatives within the White House who acted as spies on a confidential conversation between two heads of state, and a separate intelligence officer who composed a "whistleblower" complaint with the help of Schiff's staffers and a lawyer or lawyers unknown. Adam Schiff has...(Read Full Post)
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