Pelosi defends Schiff's version of Trump-Zelensky phone call: 'He did not make it up'

Nancy Pelosi appeared shock even George Stephanopoulos of ABC news yesterday.  The speaker of the House claimed that Rep. Adam Schiff did not invent his own version of the telephone call between President Trump and the (then) newly inaugurated president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, on July 25, during a September 26 hearing of the House Intelligence Committee, which he chairs. Schiff himself later in the hearing characterized his version of what he initially called "the essence" of the call as a "parody."  But the purported humor sailed right over the head of the speaker. Here is the entire ABC News transcript.  This is the relevant exchange with emphases added by me: GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: You talk about the dignity with which you handle this. You've seen the president's tweets. You've heard Republican's — Leader McCarthy wants to censure Adam Schiff. I know you support Chairman...(Read Full Post)
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