Paragon Venezuela joins Sudan, Libya, Mauritania on vaunted UN Human Rights Council

Death squad dictatorships need representation, too.

So here we go, Venezuela got elected as a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, joining with Sudan, Libya, Mauritania and other hellholes to pass judgment about human rights in the West and shield themselves from any criticism coming back at them. All by itself, it's an argument for disbanding this travesty. 

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley noticed how bad it was:



Bloomberg's Tic Toc has a video of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro crowing about it, winding up his speech to yell about President Trump:



Venezuela is one of the world's worst death-squad regimes, with thousands of citizens hunted down and shot or beaten to death by its socialist goon squads and their affiliated motorcycle thugs. It practices Cuban-led torture, and its economy and capacity to supply food have left it a smoking ruin. Four million Venezuelans have fled the hellhole, with numbers set to double.

The Guardian piece on this, expressing shocked twin equivocal outrage that Venezuela, along with Brazil (which got reelected) were on is a piece of work.  

How the hell does something like this happen? There isn't much news reporting here but nations normally trade off votes and times to serve in the rotation among themselves on all committee slots, even beyond the Human Rights Council, so that all get some time to serve in the places they want. The slots are alloted regionally, so some country like Honduras, theoretically, could trade a vote for Venezuela in the Human Rights Council slot for a Venezuelan vote on some aid slot they might be hankering after. The most eager to get the human rights slot tend to be the worst of them -- Venezuela, Libya, Sudan, slavery-big Mauritania. They're attracted to this slot over others because they have absolutely nothing to contribute elsewhere but lots to hide on the human rights front. Helps to be in the catbird seat to have a direct voice to head it all off.

Now we will be treated to the lovely specter of Venezuela pointing the finger at the Trump administration for goodness knows what - maybe Rep. Adam Schiff's 'right' to hold secret impeachment hearings in some dank basement out of the purview of the public? Who knows. Whatever they cook up will be bad.

It's a whole argument for disbanding this travesty altogether.

Any questions as to why President Trump yanked the U.S. out of this clown show last year?

Image credit: Bloomberg Tic Toc Twitter screen shot

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