Orange man bad?

Every headline basically reads the same: "Orange man bad!"

Coming from the supermarket tabloids, right next to the alien abduction and the miracle weight loss stories, that would be kind of amusing.  But coming from the "important" people — the NY Times, the WaPo, the major networks — that is not funny at all.

But if the fact of it is nothing to smile about — and the dissolution of once respected institution isn't, or at least shouldn't be — we should be able to find at least some peace and quiet in understanding the "whys" of it.

And indeed that we can.  For the reason for the unending hate is the establishment's fear — fear not only that they are losing, but what they are losing.

In a nutshell, they — the established "somebodies" and their media allies — are desperate.  They are desperate because Trump is succeeding.  He is actually doing not just what he promised to do (itself a rare and threatening thing to the establishment), but he is taking down what their own personal futures and fortunes depend on: that We the People continue to believe that certain things could no longer be done.  That our future is destined to be small — something that the establishment has been diligently drumming into the American psyche for at least a full generation.

Industries that we were told were dead and gone are coming back to life.

Working-class incomes that were dropping for years are today starting to rise.

Wars that we were told were both unavoidable and endless are under President Trump being responsibly avoided or ended.

And maybe worst of all from the elites' perspective: Dreams we were told we could no longer afford to dream are again coming alive in our hearts.  Dreams of a greater future for ourselves and our children.

In short, all the elites' carefully planned and spread lies are being exposed as being just that: lies.  The elites' games are being thwarted.  Their personal prosperity — one based on the willing subjection of the people — is being threatened.

All the above being so, undermining and breaking the people's trust in President Trump is a must.

But more and more evidence suggests they will not succeed in this — or at least they won't if we less than "elite" Americans see their desperation for what it is, and understand why it is.

It will not succeed if we — that same "we" — are willing to stand up to them.  To laugh at them.  To treat them and their silly headlines and the false stories with the scorn and derision such deserve.

Yes, the currently empowered are desperate.  Their empowerment is ending.  Ours, if we boldly and courageously insist upon it, is just taking wing.

We, and they, now know that "Make America Great Again!" was far more than an election-year slogan.  For it is happening.

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