New York's Gov. Cuomo says there 'ought to be a law'...against his own policies

Blue-state governors seem to go into a slightly different category from your average leftist.

Unlike, say, professional bloviators found in Congress whose stock in trade is talk, or leftist judges who never have to live with the results of their decisions, or activist non-government organizations incentivized by government cash to expand social problems, blue-state governors are actually held accountable by voters for the effects of their wreak-havoc blue-state decisions.

This brings us to Fredo Cuomo's supposedly smarter brother, New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who's hollering "there ought to be a law" — against his own policies.  He speaks with forked tongue.

Here's the front page of the New York Post:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday "there oughta be a law" to keep the subways menace-free following the assault arrest of the suspected serial emergency brake puller — and vowed to "propose" one next year.

But a lawmaker who's repeatedly introduced legislation to address the problem blamed the state Assembly for failing to act on bills that have consistently passed the state Senate by wide margins.

During an interview with NY1, Cuomo blasted the band of thugs, perverts and other pests who prey on straphangers with such frequency that cops know them by name.

"This is a crisis," Cuomo said.

Translation: He's hearing from voters.

Fredo's brother, it seems, has a load of leftist allies in the blue state Assembly who can't bring themselves to vote "yes" on a bill to keep subway predators out of the New York subway.  Never mind that the subway is going bankrupt as the riders flee; being blue-staters, the criminals come first.  He hasn't bothered much to marshal them.

That's not the half of it, however.  New York State's only sane body, the state Senate, last year announced an investigation into Cuomo's nonstop pardon-them-all and let-'em-out-to-commit-more-crimes policy, something he's knee-deep in.  The crooks — people with the same character as this subway pusher — have obliged.  Here's what the Albany Times-Union reported last year:

ALBANY — The state Senate will convene hearings soon to examine Gov. Andrew Cuomo's broadening use of criminal pardons and what majority Republicans say is a trend of violent offenders being released from prison by the state parole board.

The Senate's review comes as Cuomo has recently granted conditional pardons to hundreds of parolees so that they can vote. In some cases, the pardons have been granted to parolees who were scrutinized and determined to be reformed by the governor's office, but then committed crimes that put them back in prison.

One of the cases cited by Senate Republicans involves a 22-year-old Orange County man who received a conditional pardon from Cuomo after being paroled in March 2016 for his conviction for raping a 15-year-old girl. The parolee, Nicholas Pulido, after he had received a pardon, was sent back to prison in June after being convicted of raping a girl under the age of 17.

What's Cuomo's next move?  Another goody basket sure to warm the cockles of the heart of the hideous subway pusher: cash-free bail, even for violent offenders charged with big felonies.  Cuomo is so proud of that one that he's got the "Rev." Al Sharpton's endorsement for it on his own website, where he also rails against racism in the blue-only criminal justice system.

In effect, his plaintive cry of "there ought to be a law" is a hypocritical cry for wanting a law against his own policies.  He's the one who let the hoods out of jail.  He's the one who's ending cash bail, a wonderful convenience for subway thugs.  He's the one who's propagandizing the nonsense about criminal justice being all about racism.  The subway pusher is just the reaped whirlwind of the Rat King tangle of all his leftist policies.

In the Age of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, we see a lot of this kind of hypocrisy in blue-state governors.

Example B is Gov. Gavin Newsom of California.  He's done all kinds of detrimental things for the welfare of the state, including letting the crooks out and encouraging the illegals to roll in, but a couple things stand out.  Like Cuomo, he's taking heat for the state's high gas prices, which are a function of his support for last year's gas tax, a money pot he's using not for what it was advertised for — bridge and road repair — but for his pet greenie projects.  Just this past week, he announced he was shocked, shocked at the price people pay at the pump now and said he would be investigating oil companies for price-gouging and fixing.  Not a word about his gas tax, which, by definition, adds tons to the price of a fill-up.

Newsom also is blaming Pacific Gas & Electric for its power lines setting fires and its mass blackouts during fire weather as a means of heading off lawsuits. Newsom was last seen yelling "corporate greed" at the company for the mess that's been made. 

Yet once again, it was blue-state policies that created PG&E's predicament. Any word from Newsom on whether the monopoly state energy supplier might just be better left un-sue-able, given everyone's need for power? If they weren't making so many payouts for burnt houses from past fires, they might have money to bury their electrical lines, which cause wildfires, instead of shelling out for their seed corn. That's not the least of it. California also has passed green fuel mandates for solar and wind energy production which the regional state energy suppliers have no choice but to waste money on ... which leaves them bereft of cash to bury power lines. Lastly, there are the Newsom-supported greenie laws — which prohibit the power companies from clearing brush. Lots and lots of brush and tinder around high voltage power lines in Cat 1 hurricane level hot winds somehow leaves a predictably fiery outcome.

Blaming other for policies they created themselves. It's there in New York, it's there in California and it reeks of hypocrisy. We see this a lot with blue state governors who can't tell anyone on the left 'no.'  They enact mayhem policies and then act 'shocked, shocked' by the results.

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