Masochism: Greta Thunberg reportedly up for the Nobel Peace Prize

What is it about well meaning Scandinavian liberals who seem to have a soft spot for a good beating?

According to the Daily Mail:

Experts are cautious, but bookies have tipped teenage climate campaigner Greta Thunberg for the Nobel Peace Prize next week.

Odds from bookmakers such as Ladbrokes suggest the 16-year-old activist is the one to beat for the award, just a week after she launched a furious tirade at international delegates during a UN climate summit.

The teenager provoked controversy with her angry speech at the UN and was dragged into a Twitter feud with US President Donald Trump

It's a statement of "beat-me! beat-me!" masochism. 

Are the leaks coming out really saying the Nobel prize committee really liked that insolent, ignorant, and very embarrassing speech by a 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, speaking in a breathy, weird, high school melodrama actress voice?  "How dare you!" she exclaimed, going all William Inge on us.  "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood," she hectored.  "This is all wrong.  I should not be up here.  I should be back in school, on the other side of the ocean," she said, as if someone had forced her to be there.  (Maybe she meant those Swedish big-green money hucksters backing her in the interest of making a killing as Al Gore did are forcing her.  Perhaps she should direct her remarks to them.) 

After that, she ended her speech with a police state–style threat, which certainly would jibe with the Swedish heritage of Nazi collaboration, concluding: "My message is that we'll be watching you." 

As Issues & Insights noted, it's the activity of a spoiled brat.

And now the Nobel Peace Prize frontrunner. 

What it signals is that the Nobel committee seems to enjoy punishment more than it values peace.  Because there's nothing peaceable about an implacable left-wing activists, determined to wreak havoc on the civilized world and send citizens back into mud huts, which is the ultimate greenie agenda.

Peace?  No, actually, kind of the opposite.

But what the hey, the Nobel committee has already opened the gate wide to issue more of this kind of nonsense.  After all, if they could make President Obama's presidency somehow the same as "peace," why not call the ill informed tantrum of a teenager the same thing?

Who needs war when the Nobelites now are looking at this sorry excuse for "peace"?

Image credit: PBS, via YouTube, screen shot.

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