Last night's Democrat debate: A cluster of tyrannical fantasists

For conservatives who watched the Democrat debate, it was like visiting Earth-2, as Drunkblogger Stephen Green so cleverly put it.  Conservatives probably could not endure these debates without Stephen Green's infusion of both facts and humor.

Each of those candidates on the stage seemed oblivious to the reality of the last three years — the fabulous economy, lowest unemployment in decades, international trade renegotiated to our benefit, millions no longer on food stamps.  Our military, eviscerated by Obama, is being repaired.  Manufacturing has been revitalized, and the border, despite the intransigence of the Democrats, is slowly being better controlled.  The wall is being built.  Everything Trump has done since being elected has been effective; he has tried to keep his campaign promises despite the Democrats' vow to see him impeached from day one.  And no matter how vicious the Left is, those candidates on stage last night continue to opt for mindless delusion that he can be removed from office in order to prevent his re-election.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are grateful for a president willing to fight back against both parties, who have nothing but contempt for Trump-supporters, for the man who means to drain the swamp.  We must be thankful for the distinguished few in the House (the Republicans in the Senate are abject cowards) who have the courage to defend the president.  The swamp was certainly on display throughout the debate.

The Democrats are losing.  Trump and his supporters are winning — on every issue, even Turkey and Syria.  As others have observed, the Left plays checkers while Trump plays 4-D chess.  He is way ahead of his opponents on every level, every issue.  Most Americans like having jobs and like their friends and family members having jobs.  They don't mind the fact that some people are fabulously wealthy.  Those are the people who fund the countless attractions we take for granted: museums, medical research, hospitals that specialize, university buildings, public television, and a host of other things the rest of us enjoy and take for granted.  Where would we be without the largesse of all the American billionaires and millionaires who have funded so many projects that have enriched us all?  However they attained their wealth is of no interest, nor is how they live their lives.  They have contributed to the public good beyond what any of us can adequately appreciate.

But each and every one of the Democrat presidential candidates loathes and envies the rich.  They mean to punish them.  They want them to pay for all that free college tuition and health care for illegal aliens.  They want to punish all the corporations that produce all the things we take for granted: our vast choices in any grocery store and our freedom to choose our own doctors, cars, where we live, what we watch on television, etc.  Like the true totalitarians they are, they want to tell us what we can have, do, eat, drive, and think.  They want to transform us into communist China.  Nothing would make them happier.  They would all still be rich; the rest of us would be under their thumbs, surveilled as the citizens of China are.  Not one of the Democrat candidates ever mentions the word "freedom" or "liberty."  This missing link should be the biggest wake-up call of all: they want to control how we live rather than let us live according to the principles of the Founders.

The debate on Tuesday night was the clearest window into how the Democrats mean to rule over us, to dictate how we live, work, eat, educate our kids, and attempt to get good medical care (which will be rationed).  Every one of these candidates would make Lenin and Stalin proud; that is how anti-freedom, anti-capitalist they are.  If elected, any one of them would purposefully destroy the economy.  Any implementation of a "Green New Deal" would, as Stephen Green observed, cost 50 million jobs.  They do not care.  They hate America as founded and are intent upon undoing the greatest nation ever created.

Khrushchev predicted that we would be destroyed from within; "the United States will eventually fly the Communist red flag ... the American people will hoist it themselves."  LeBron James is certainly onboard.  Ben Franklin warned that we'd been given a republic "if we can keep it."  The Tuesday night debate offered up the most profound difference between the two parties for all to see: between Trump, the America-lover, and the Left, the America-haters.

Hands down, Trump won this debate.  Let us hope the Left's fantastical, tyrannical vision for America is ephemeral.  The American people are so much wiser than the Left presumes.

Image: POLITICO via YouTube.

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