Jordan Peterson is a mirror, reflecting truth on Democrats and Republicans

Quillette has an interesting item, "The Rise of Jordan Peterson — a Review," by Carol Horton, that is well worth your time.  Her main theme is how complicated the issues are that Jordan Peterson works with so expertly.  The right tends to love him, the Left to detest him, but Peterson would deny that he's on anybody's "side" in the politico-cultural war.  He's a guy trying to come to grips with serious issues, and all the lefty noise against him distracts from what I see as his most important attribute: his essential humanity and professional approach to living a moral life. A clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto, Peterson brings vast learning and careful wording to his books and videos.  Working through these is remindful of reading Camille Paglia.  Though he repeatedly emphasizes the complexity of a given issue, those trying to summarize Peterson often miss the thrust of he's...(Read Full Post)
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