James Comey wants to be 'forgotten,' ... which is why he's got this TV show

Well, well, well:

What have we here, but an amazing philosophical paradox, as reported by the Washington Examiner:

Former FBI agent James Gagliano questioned why former FBI Director James Comey was having a TV show made about him if his stated goal was to be "forgotten."

Gagliano, who was a supervisory special agent, pointed out the apparent contradiction Monday on Twitter.

"This is an odd thing (pause) but I hope to be forgotten," Gagliano said, quoting Comey's words during a book tour in 2018. Along with the quote, Gagliano tweeted a reporter announcing that CBS was going to produce a four-hour television series based on Comey's book.

Which is kind of Comey-ian in itself, saying he wants one thing but actually wanting something else, forked tongue and all. Which is pretty much his FBI career in a nutshell, insisting he was a man of probity, but secretly plotting behind President Trump's back with a load of Democrat-paid opposition research, or, telling President Trump he was not under investigation, but investigating the heck out of him in an entrapment operation and leaking the deets.

So very Comey.

And now he's saying he wants to be forgotten -- right there on television as a docudrama about him is being made, presumably with his cooperation. Is he trying to tell the audience not to watch it? Or is he speaking with forked tongue, trying to portray himself as a modest man, not a grandstander, and doing the opposite?

Here's the funny thing about it: Comey doesn't need to 'want' to be forgotten, being forgotten is built right in with being an ex-FBI director. Heard anything lately from William Webster? Anyone gotten a call from Louis Freeh? I can't even say they are alive or dead, they left the bureau in honor and returned to their private lives without telling any cable news stations about it. They managed. They wanted to be forgotten and sure enough, they were.

Not Comey. He reminds me of a Peronist dictator, or maybe Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, who always told the descamisados down the balcony that he couldn't possibly run for office again, couldn't, couldn't, couldn't.

But of course, most certainly did.

In a way, they didn't, though, given that they shot and cheated their ways into permanent power. But their on-the-record claims of not wanting to run were exposed as ploys for public adoration. It's jackassery, and Comey ought to be embarrassed to join that same league. 

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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