It used to take a high crime and misdemeanor to get impeached. Now it just takes someone being concerned

For weeks, the public has been told that the impeach–President Trump leaker, who is incorrectly called a whistleblower, would testify to Congress.

Now Democratic House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, a serial liar, has said there is no need for the leaker, who made up lots of stuff about a phone call by Trump, to testify, because the committee and the public have already seen the transcript of the call.  That's the one that revealed that the leaker, Adam Schiff, the New York Times, and most of the media misled the public about what Trump said.

Adam Schiff says whistleblower may not testify in impeachment probe

Schiff (D-Calif.) said the whistleblower's testimony might not be needed given that a rough transcript of the call with Trump asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for a "favor" — the centerpiece of the whistleblower's complaint — is public.

Truth is, Trump did not demand dirt on Biden, did not link military aid to an investigation of Biden, and the Ukrainian president did not feel pressure to fulfill any quid pro quo.  So why does the charade of an impeachment inquiry continue?  The answer is because facts haven't mattered to the media, Schiff, or other Democrats since Trump has been elected.  They just move from one pretend cause for impeachment to another.

Because of three years of lies by the media, Schiff, and other Democrats, now a significant percentage of the public thinks Trump should be impeached.  Trump's enemies have been busy, coming up with some made-up crime like Russian collusion or obstruction when none exists.  The Democrats essentially do a scavenger hunt for documents, when there is no evidence of a crime, and then, when the Trump administration doesn't bend over and hand them to them, they say he is obstructing justice.  One example is that they are demanding eight years of tax returns when there is no indication of anything illegal.  That is, by definition, a witch hunt.

The witnesses we are not going to see, but whose testimony will be selectively leaked to Democrat campaign members posing as journalists, now are bureaucrats, or more specifically, bureaucrats who are concerned about what the president said and who are upset because some of their friends have been fired, as if that were a violation of the law.

For eight years, we saw no concern by leakers, whistleblowers, diplomats, bureaucrats, most of the media, Adam Schiff, House speaker Nancy Pelosi, and other Democrats about anything Obama/Biden/Hillary/Kerry did on foreign policy, but now there is great concern that Trump would like to know about obvious corruption where Biden's son Hunter got $50,000 per month for essentially a no-show job.

Hunter Biden said he probably would not have been placed on the board if his name wasn't Biden, yet the media and other Democrats repeatedly say there is no evidence of wrongdoing.  That is similar to lying about Russian collusion or saying there is no evidence Hillary and her aides broke the law.

Hunter Biden Says China, Ukraine Business Ties 'Poor Judgment'; Denies Impropriety, Ethical Lapse

Biden acknowledged he would "probably not" have gotten the board position Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma if he were not the son of the vice president.

The media, diplomats, leakers, whistleblowers, and other Democrats had no concern on foreign policy when:

Obama reneged on commitment to put up missile shields in the Czech Republic and Poland.  Where was the concern that allies wouldn't trust us anymore?

Obama said he would be flexible with Russia if re-elected.

Obama laughed when Romney said Russia was dangerous.

Obama and his administration allowed Russia to get its hands on U.S. uranium after tens of millions of dollars of "donations" went to the Clinton Foundation.

Obama refused to give Ukraine defensive weapons to appease Russia. Where was the concern that allies wouldn't trust us?

Obama and Biden threatened to cut off over $1 billion if they didn't fire a prosecutor.  Where was the concern about the clear quid pro quo?

The Obama administration had a gun-running operation into Mexico and illegally withheld documents from Congress for years.  

Obama called ISIS the J.V. team.

Obama pulled all troops out of Iraq.  Where was the concern that allies wouldn't trust us?

Obama left Americans and diplomats to die in Libya while concocting a lie about a video because the truth, that it was a terrorist attack prior to an election, was politically damaging.  Obama's position of power was more important than the American people under attack.

Obama didn't enforce his red line in Syria.  Where was the concern that allies wouldn't trust us?

Obama and Kerry trusted Putin to monitor Assad's chemical weapons.

Obama and his administration lied through the media to get approval of the Iran deal to give a big sponsor of terrorism and a country that pledges death to America a billion-dollar payout.

Obama sent $1.8 billion of taxpayer money as blackmail to the Iranian tyrants.

Obama dictatorially stopped an investigation into drug running by Hizb'allah to appease the tyrants in Iran.

Obama looked the other way as Hillary's and Biden's family greatly enriched their families with foreign money

Obama and his administration allowing Hillary and those surrounding her to illegally mishandle classified information.

The Obama administration, in collusion with the DNC and Hillary, using foreign sources to dig up dirt on a political opponent and spy on them.

The Obama administration illegally unmasking names of people surrounding Trump. Schiff and others are supposedly concerned about protecting the leaker but never gave a damn about any of the people the Obama administration unmasked.

Obama giving a stand down order to stop investigating Russian hacking in the summer of 2016.

The Obama administration allowing the DNC to not show them the physical evidence on Russian hacking.

So the media, diplomats, bureaucrats, leakers, whistle blowers and other democrats never cared about all the foreign policy actions that weakened our country and dissed our allies but if Trump wants to abide by a 1999 law and seek out corruption by a politician's family, where the politician happens to be running for president, that is impeachable?

The public should be very concerned that most of the media should just register as lobbyists for Democrats and their policies instead of intentionally misleading the public in order to meddle in every election.

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