Hunter Biden's gamy doings now extend to American Indian tribes

If I were an American Indian, I'd be about done with the Democrats.

First, we had Elizabeth Warren playing Indian to take a couple of Ivy League teaching slots via affirmative action.  Now we have Joe Biden's ne'er-do-well junior, Hunter Biden, involved with people who ripped off Indian tribes.

That's quite a pattern of corruption in itself, given Hunter's tainted money hauls from Ukraine's Russia-linked oligarchs as well as communist China's princeling overlords.  But it's particularly disgusting because it involves robbing the Indians.

According to an exclusive from the Daily Caller:

Participants in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud an American Indian tribe touted links to Hunter Biden and his business associate, Devon Archer, according to court documents the Daily Caller News Foundation reviewed.

Biden is not accused of wrongdoing in the case, which centered on a fraudulent $60 million bond offering involving the Wakpamni Lake Community Association, an affiliate of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. But the documents, reported here for the first time, shed light on how associates saw Biden during a period when his father, Joe Biden, served as vice president.

"Hunter Biden works for [Archer]. So we've got the top level politicos with us. All of my guys, is as top tier as it gets," Bevan Cooney, who a jury convicted in the Wakpamni scam, said in a secretly recorded phone call that is cited in exhibits that Archer's defense team produced during an appeal of his conviction in the case.

"Well, you know — but you see that this is who we're doing business with? You don't get more politically connected and make people more comfortable than that," Cooney also said in the phone conversation.

Wrongdoing?  Of course not — Hunter never gets accused of wrongdoing.  He just keeps turning up as "protection" for gamy players involved in shockingly corrupt deals and in need of a sentinel.  Biden Junior seems to have willingly played that role all over — in China, in Ukraine, and now in Indian country, as if that's actually his practiced career choice.  Does he have any clean association?  So far, no.

Disgusting?  It ought to be.  Imagine where he'll turn up next if Joe Biden ever becomes president.

Image credit: Acaben, via Wikipedia, extracted image from public domain photoCC BY-SA 2.0.

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