How Trump wins

The Democrats cannot allow a Trump victory, no matter what.  They know they won't beat him in 2020 because there isn't a serious and sane candidate among their party to oppose him.  His victory means a firmly right-leaning Supreme Court for decades to come, with likely two to three more appointments in his next term.  Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and the last of anything and everything Obama, except his horrible legacy, will cease to exist.  But before we get there, we have to endure this impeachment show.

The Democrats have disgraced themselves through their antics since before Trump took office.  They've proven they hate America, and Americans themselves are only a means to an end for them.  They play to the ignorant and uninformed, the dependent and the needy, the inner-city poor, the Left Coast loonies, and the New England trust fund fortunes.  They have made every effort to resist, delay, halt, or otherwise dilute the impact of Trump's policies and decisions, despite every measurable metric of national health trending toward greater health and prosperity.  It has been clown show after clown show, with Trump as the ringmaster at the circus. 

Trump has come out on top more times than not because he simply played them all.  Knowing what their hatred for him would lead them to do and their history as nonstop partisans, he set the stage with raw meat, stepped aside armed with only Twitter, and watched the crazed bloodlust of the animals take them to new extremes. 

The all-time master of reality TV is still running the show, controlling the narrative, and driving the headlines.  By the time they realize what Trump sets in motion for them to do to themselves, it's too late for them to recover.  Their motives and intent have been laid bare, by their own doing, time and time again.  They crawl away in shame, hating Trump exponentially greater, and determined to get their revenge, no matter what.

That's where we are now, at No-Matter-What.  This latest story is less logical than the last.  It assumes that Trump went after Biden because he knew that Biden would be his opponent, that Biden was, by definition, his only political rival.  That couldn't possibly be true.  No one could predict this early who would win among the 20-plus Democrat hopefuls, even with Biden so far in the lead.  Remember who was supposed to win the general election in 2016? 

Also, notice the timing of this.  This came out just as Biden began to fall in the polls, and Warren started picking up steam.  Biden is malleable, morally fungible, with a weak, vulnerable, and problematic family.  The Democrats can handle him.  He'll do as he's told if he can just get across the finish line.  That began to look less and less likely over recent weeks with more of his signature gaffes, not missed by the populace or the mainstream media, thus Warren's rise.  She's another story, on the opposite spectrum of team-playing from Biden, far more ruthless, and a successful and accomplished liar.  On top of that, she really is crazy, close to Bernie-style crazy, so there's no controlling her; she could take the party far out into la-la-land, never to be the same again. 

So it's time to play another card.  Only this one wasn't quite ready.  It wasn't supposed to be necessary because the Mueller card was supposed to finish Trump off, but this one was put together hastily after Mueller's testimony to Congress failed so miserably.  Some of the bit players had their parts and knew their lines, but not all of them, which is why the initial news differed so much from the reality.  When the pseudo-transcript of the call was released, everything hadn't been fully synchronized.  It was clear that the stars of the show, Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff, hadn't seen the transcript yet but were familiar with the complaint.  They had to make stuff up off the cuff, and it didn't jibe with the facts.  But lack of facts never stopped a Democrat, so they pressed onward, making sure they built some time in, to clean things up.  The two-week recess, while they say they'll still be working, is when they'll try to close up their exposed rears.

This one is going to hurt — not because there is any merit to their claims — there certainly isn't — but because it will sound so familiar, like a record with a scratch on Biden's record player.  It will also hurt because it's painful to hear blatantly false, no-one-is-that-stupid, how-could-you-be-so-crass? allegations against a man who clearly loves his country and is doing his best to be a great president.  It will hurt because these liars and connivers represent our America, took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and yet they only try to destroy it, and those who revere it.

They have ended any sense of honorable disagreement, respectful debate on the merits, or concept of agreeing to disagree.  They must leave no trace of a contrary idea, shut down dissenters, and destroy lives, careers, and businesses.  No one is safe.  No one is off limits.  Even Joe Biden, a 40+ year loyalist, a man willing to compromise what soul he has remaining for the party, is being sacrificed for this effort to get Trump.  He will be forced to disappear in shame and disgrace after more than half his life in government, rather than retire as a respected elder statesman.  If not a death sentence unto itself, then no doubt a life sentence of irrelevance.  To his credit, he will likely truly feel the shame and go away, unlike so many disgraced Democrats before him with no capacity to feel shame or embarrassment – think Bill, Hillary, and Barack, individually.

The pain will be bad, but it will go away, and another pain will set in.  There will be some mixed emotions, but there will be no mistaking the mess of things the Obama administration, and the deep state bureaucrats, made of our government, our culture, our nation, and our relationships around the world, with the good guys and the bad.  Many people will deserve punishment, but in all likelihood, only a few will be sacrificed as tokens to prove that justice prevails.  We will know better but be glad it's all over.  Others will leave government service tarnished by association, and even more will decide once and forever to never work for the government because it's not worth it.

In the end, as the fog and smoke clear, one man will still be standing, dirty and bruised, but still working hard to keep his promises.  Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States, will have beaten them all.  Against all odds, he won the Presidency, and despite all attempts to oust him, he will have kept it.  Never mind the biased press corps, conspiracies, political dirty tricks, lies upon lies about him, and all the crimes committed to try to harm him, he will still be the President.  But he won't be unscathed, and it will show.  He will have been cheated of his agenda, of his chances to make more sweeping improvements and advances for our nation and her people.  

His accomplishments will remain overshadowed by the corruption which preceded him, that which remained around him upon taking office, and the America-hating mainstream media which will never apologize to the American people for having repeatedly gotten it all wrong.  Trump's greatness will have been stolen, but not completely.  His leadership style and policies will shape Republican governance, trade policy and foreign policy for decades.  His judicial appointments will stave off socialism and save the union as certainly as did Abraham Lincoln.  Donald Trump, on his last day in office, will step into history among the greatest of our presidents, as the man who kept his promises to clean up government, and because of him, America will be great again.

Donald Finley is a colonel, USAF (ret.).

Graphic credit: Picpedia.

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