Hillary Clinton back at it, deluding herself she can beat Trump 'again'

Is Hillary Clinton getting even more delusional as she bitterly stews in her post-election juices?  She says she's up for a re-electoral rematch with President Trump and thinks it's obvious she can beat him "again."  It follows her recent remarks claiming that Trump is an "illegitimate" president.

Hillary made her remarks in an interview with the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), which was nominally supposed to be about a book about "gutsy women" she wrote with her daughter Chelsea.

"It truly is remarkable how obsessed he remains with me," Clinton said, laughing out loud.  "But this latest tweet is so typical of him.  Nothing has been more examined and looked at than my e-mails.  We all know that.  So he's either lying or delusional or both ... so maybe there does need to be a rematch.  Obviously I can beat him again."

The Daily Caller has transcription of additional choice morsels from the interview here.

Here's the tweet exchange with President Trump that preceded it:

Is she running, or is this just a joke? Probably the best indicator would be her money situation, which isn't exactly transparent, but there's plenty else to suggest she is. 

In her PBS interview, done yesterday, she's got a professional makeup job on, and well coiffed hair.  She's got a calculatedly dark suit on, which serves to conceal her weight, particularly since the friendly camera-operator angles the shot to minimize.  Clinton also may have had some "work" done around her eyes, neck, and jowl-line, making her looks fresher and more youthful than ever.

That's one indication she might just be getting ready for it.

Here's another — look at her arch and cute Twitter intro to herself, calculated just to appeal to Millennials and her voting base:

Hair icon?  Who the heck told her she was a "hair icon"?  As if she's some Millennial-style Instagram influencer?  Hurl.

Her arrogance is amazing.

Lastly, she seems to be coming out of the woodwork as the Democratic presidential field implodes.  Bernie Sanders has health problems.  Joe Biden has corruption problems.  Elizabeth Warren has honesty problems.  Hillary stepping in and claiming she can beat Trump is a clear message to Democrats doing the nomination that she "can beat" Trump, which is the number-one criterion these voters have for selecting their candidate among all the cookie-cutter socialists.  That's running.

Now she claims she "won" the election, probably based on the rather questionable reading of her popular vote tally, which, in contradiction to the Constitution, she thinks is some kind of criterion for claiming victory.

Left unsaid is that she didn't win.  She badly chose which states to focus on in a losing formula, and what's more, it was her own fault.  She's the one who ignored the flyover states, failing to go to Wisconsin, as her slightly cannier husband Bill warned her she had to do, and she's the one who called half the electorate "deplorables," which kept plenty of voters out of her column.  She's the one who stumbled and collapsed through her campaign tour with little energy.  And after she lost, she's the one who cooked up the lie that her loss was the work of Russia's President Vladimir Putin to draw attention away from her own failures.

In the PBS interview, she also lies about her emails and the problematic nature of just what she got away with in setting up her easily hacked illegal private server, which certainly drove voters away from her, too.  The PBS interviewers — and let's face it, PBS and its viewers are her political base — didn't pursue that brush-off, nor did they ask any tough questions, suggesting that their script was all pre-approved fluff.  Again, that suggests campaign mode that may in fact have already begun.

Now she's telling Trump, who threw out some very good troll bait to elicit that information, that she's now tempted to run because...Trump is making her.

This is cloud-cuckoo delusion land cubed.  Her own aides had earlier cringed at the thought of another Hillary run, told the press, and hollered at her not to do it.  Well, she apparently doesn't listen them.  She doesn't listen to anyone but herself, so she's off to the races now.

This is going to be pathetic. 

Image credit: PBS/YouTube screen shot.

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