Gaetz vs. Schiff, The Sequel

Following the attacks that Matt Gaetz endured last week over his attempt to shed some sunlight on Adam Schiff's "secret" impeachment hearings, the ordinary Republican would have meekly subsided into shamefaced, timid silence.

But Matt Gaetz is no ordinary Republican.  So when Schiff scheduled yet another "impeachment" stunt yesterday, Gaetz gathered together a posse of fellow Republican reps and set out to raid Schiff's sideshow act.

Schiff had scheduled his hearing at Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), a "secure room" in the Capitol, apparently in the belief that this would offer him some protection from interruptions.

In this, he was deluding himself.  Gaetz, at the head of no fewer than thirty of his colleagues, stormed the room with the air of the Expendables taking down a villain's hideout.   

Schiff immediately ran like a rabbit.  Gaetz and his team attempted to take a look at the "evidence" that Schiff was about to present, but his staffers seized it before they could examine it.

We can be sure that this exercise would not meet with the approval of Pierre Delecto and other GOP worthies.  But turnabout is fair play.  Schiff and Pelosi set the parameters for this episode by refusing to go with the time-honored, legally solid route of a formal impeachment in favor of Impeachment by P.R. Stunt.  They created the situation; now they can suffer the consequences.

Gaetz is proving adept at the kind of guerrilla theater that the Left has long claimed as its own.  Through this exercise, he seized the spotlight; undercut any "revelations" that Schiff was about to make; disrupted his schedule; dominated the headlines; gave convincing evidence that the GOP is fully in DJT's corner; and served Schiff notice that if he wants a "secure" hearing, he'll have to hold it on the Ross Ice Shelf.

This is quite a bit more than has been accomplished by the Kevin McCarthys of the party.  It's clear that the future of the GOP lies with Gaetz and his posse.

As for the "impeachment," it's shaping up as possibly the greatest political miscalculation in American history.  Not only have the Dems goaded the president and angered the deplorables beyond measure, but they've also awakened a sleeping GOP.  The storm gathers force; the tsunami is on its way.

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