For Peggy Noonan and her elitist pals…here’s a little plainspeak for you

So many of us with conservative leanings have long respected the prose and insight of Peggy Noonan, now a prominent Wall Street Journal columnist, but initially admired for her work as a Reagan speechwriter.  But her recent columns show she’s come to exemplify the ruling class elitism that simply doesn’t grasp the groundswell in the American heart that elected Donald Trump president.

I consider myself to be right in the heart of that American heart.  Raised in a lower middle-class home in small town America; father with a high school diploma, and mother with a junior college degree earned in middle age.  Taught and embrace the Christian faith, work ethic, and ‘marinated’ in an atmosphere of love for America.  Made it through college and law school; experienced a version of the American dream in terms of achieving a standard of living for my wife and three kids being substantially higher than that of my sister and me growing up.

Well, Peggy, let me help you understand where that background—shared in various forms with millions of Americans—positions my worldview.

Peggy Noonan speaking at a 2016 Goldwater Institute dinner

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

I resented the hell out of Barack Obama claiming authority to fundamentally transform America.  He didn’t admit to this mission until very late in his first campaign; there is no way in hell the majority of the American people who voted for him supported a fundamental transformation of this country.

I resented the hell out of the Eric Holder DOJ deliberately running guns to Mexican cartels so that ensuing violence could be traced to American gun manufacturers and morphed into an anti-2nd Amendment media narrative in America.  I resented the hell out of the fact that no one was held accountable for this government-initiated, subvert-the-Constitution deceit.

I resented the hell out of Barack Obama brazenly lying to the American people 27 times about ‘keep your doctor’ and ‘keep your plan’ when he knew he was lying about the facts, intent and design of Obamacare.  I resented the hell out of Nancy Pelosi making a mockery of the legislative process by telling Democrats they needed to pass Obamacare to find out what was in it.

I resented the hell out Chief Justice John Roberts making a joke out of the Supreme Court and the rule of law by upholding Obamacare as a tax when it was expressly not a tax.  And all for the purpose of not upsetting whatever Barack Obama wanted to do in fundamentally transforming the country.

I resented the hell out of Barack Obama telling a Russian official to encourage Putin to be patient until after Obama’s re-election, when he could be more flexible.  I resent the hell out of the fact that to this day, this episode is ignored by those trying to paint President Trump as a Russian asset.

I resented the hell out of Barack Obama exploiting the Trayvon Martin tragedy to stoke racial tensions in America when there was absolutely no race angle whatsoever to the case, and the prosecutors engaged in blatant, documented, proven fraud with the false witness Rachel Jeantel.   I resent the hell that to this day, Democrats prop up these lies, as well as the proven lie of “hands up, don’t shoot”, to paint and foment an incendiary picture of race relations in America.

I resented the hell out of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton escaping all accountability for their abject lying and malfeasance in connection with the Benghazi attack.  That attack was not caused by an anti-Muslim video, and everyone in this country knows it.  I resent the hell out of the fact that everyone in the executive branch of government, and senior military officers loyal to Obama and not the American people, just brazenly lied about it and figured we the people wouldn’t notice, and wouldn’t remember.

I resented the hell out of Barack Obama propping up the Muslim Brotherhood—which openly seeks the destruction of America—in multiple places around the world (including Libya, Egypt, and Syria), and transferring billions to “Death to America” Iran, including midnight delivery of cash on palates, in a move that plainly facilitated Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  To Americans with common sense, this was treason.  GOP Senator Bob Corker facilitated it by disabling and disfiguring the Constitution’s treaty approval provisions.

I resent the hell out of Joe Biden on video bragging about the hold up of financial aid to the Ukraine until a prosecutor investigating his son was fired.  This is the textbook definition of a political quid pro quo.  On. Video.  I resent the hell out of a media that tries to tell me there is nothing wrong with this or that it has been ‘debunked’ or is ‘unsubstantiated’ or that the real culprit is President Trump for daring to engage in any action to get to the bottom of all aspects of 2016 election interference.

I resent the hell out of Joe Biden’s son securing $1.5B from China in the immediate aftermath of an Air Force Two trip with his father—because I have worked in corporate finance and this doesn’t happen for any reason other than the pay-off by China for China-favorable policy decisions by the Obama/Biden administration.  I resent the hell out of a media that won’t acknowledge the obvious or tries to tell me to look past the Biden corruption that is right in my face.

Probably most of all, I resent the hell out of a media and a Republican Party that would do absolutely nothing about any of these things because Barack Obama was the first President of color, and so these elites decided to pat Americans on the head, tell them to shut up with their concerns, and understand that Obama gets a free pass to destroy this country in the name of transforming it in accord with his leftist ideology.  In President Trump’s words, this is b*****t.  We the people are not too stupid to see what was done, and we don’t forget who did it.

So as the evidence started to come out of the Obama/CIA/FBI/DOJ coup attempt against candidate Trump and then President Trump—and any moderately intelligent and objective observer knows that the evidence has continued accumulating and is now overwhelming and irrefutable in establishing the complete corruption and dishonesty of a federal government totally weaponized  against the incumbent’s political opponents and under the direction of Barack Obama—then, yeah, Peggy, I have gone from cautious tolerance of President Trump to a 1,000% Trump supporter; I despise the ruling class behavior of both parties in DC; I respect President Trump as a fighter and disrupter of an absolutely rotten, entrenched elite and I don’t care what he tweets in furtherance of calling these people out.  And I will join tens of millions of Americans in massive outrage if the House dares to use Coup Hoax 2.0 to vote for impeachment and/or the Senate votes for conviction and removal. 

Peggy, I hope you can wise up.  You’re in perfect touch with the ruling class; you are wildly out of touch with the American people.

Eric Georgatos is a former corporate lawyer who operated the Brushfires of Freedom blog from 2008-2016 (a book of top postings from the blog is available at America, Can We Talk?).

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