File under 'Dumb': Kamala Harris asserts she knows Rudy Giuliani committed crimes, but has no idea what

Pearls, suits and heels aside, Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris may appear to be smart, but reality shows she's actually very dumb.

How else to explain this one from softball political interviewer, Anderson Cooper of CNN?



Harris said Giuliani “has clearly broken many laws,” adding that his actions are “further evidence of corruption” by the Trump administration and that they violate an “extraordinary number of rules and ethical laws.” When Cooper asked Harris what specific laws she believes Giuliani has broken, the senator seemed unable to answer directly.

“Well I, I, I don’t know,” Harris replied when Cooper asked her what specific laws she believes Giuliani has broken.

“We’re going to find out,” Harris continued. “But I think that the range includes not only abuse of power and perhaps misstatement and mischaracterization of his role and his responsibilities, but I also really do wonder, just instinctively, whether there’s been any bribery associated with Giuliani’s conduct.”

Rimshot, Cooper, not the brightest bulb in the CNN box, but a classic score on a classic gotcha question, and he wasn't even trying.

Which kind of points out just how dumb Harris really is.

Not did that 'get' reveal that Democrats don't have a leg to stand on as they attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election, it also reveals Harris as pig-stupid. Rimshot, indeed for Anderson Cooper.

Worse still from Harris's point of view, if even Anderson Cooper can take her down, what can a Democrat but conclude about her capacity for taking on Donald Trump?

Again and again, she keeps getting caught flatfooted, kind of the right term for someone othewise known to the far left as the Bad Cop. She steps in it like Joe Biden, showing slow reflexes, always caught like a deer in the headlight.

Pipsqueak rival Tulsi Gabbard took Harris out for her execrable record as a prosecutor, holding people in jail beyond their terms and insisting that people proven innocent stay in jail at debate two, and Harris didn't have the wits to stop her, even with ample warning the attacks were coming.

She looked like a deer in the headlights, as I wrote and showed here.

Now she's caught flatfooted again, by Anderson Cooper no less. This is embarrassing. No politician of any stripe should be as slow on the uptake as this. File under 'dumb'


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